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NL-Some links to Stories about and by DAC in the LIB Archives are below. The pictures do not work tho. If anyone has some pics of him please send them…

In an interview with Luke Ford Clark said:
“    I graduated from Rutgers with a double major in journalism and art. Once I found out that I couldn’t paint or draw, I decided to become a serious journalist. I wrote for two years for the Dow Jones news service in New Jersey, then switched to Genesis in 1988 and wrote for a friend, Michael Banka. He was my college roommate who now edited Genesis. I was bored and looking for something else to write about other than planning commission meetings and human interest stories on missing children, gun shows, etc. From there I went on to Screw.
I lead a flamboyant personal lifestyle that meshes with my work. In New York I was seeing and eventually got engaged to a teenage dominatrix who slashed me with a knife when she was angry. The story hit the tabloids like the New York Post. Their headline read – “Porn Editor Cut Up By Kinky Cutie.” It showed my picture. We moved to San Francisco to get out of the news and I was with her until October, 1995.



Clark also edited the fanzine Chrome on Fire, and performed in the band False Virgins, produced by Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo. The band released two albums at the turn of the decade. When the lead singer committed suicide, Clark broke up the band and retired from playing music.

DAC also authored several books, some are available on

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