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Dallas Novelty Presents Hot Octopuss Line, the World’s First “Guybrator!”

Dallas Novelty the on-line adult store, whose motto is, “Sex is for Everybody,” presents the Hot Octopuss line, reinventing pleasure for men with the world’s first “Guybrator,” that can be used both solo and for foreplay fun for couples, and is especially effective for men who have disabilities with the use of their hands.

“The guys at Hot Octopuss are always on the leading edge of technology and also how they can make the world a better place through orgasms. We always look forward to their releases and we are proud to be one of the very first Authorized US retailer stocking the newest iteration of the PulsePlate technology, the Pulse III Solo and the Pulse III Duo,” says Dallas Novelty Marketing Director Nick Mahler. “I personally have this pleasure device in my personal toy collection because it just plain works and does so every time. This amazing toy will work great for any guy who has mobility issues or even ED and you still want to experience pleasure or satisfy your lover.” hot-octopuss-pulse-iii-duo-solo-square-alt

How it works: Enjoy the most amazing simultaneous orgasms with the Pulse III Solo or Duo, it will turn foreplay into the main event with 5 stimulation modes with adjustable intensity. The man inserts his penis (flaccid or erect) into the Pulse III Solo or Duo Guybrator, making sure that his frenulum is pressed against the PulsePlate that makes this toy work its magic. As the sensation causes him to grow, the wings expand until the toy fits snugly around his member. This revolutionary intimacy aid is also great for customers who have a disability or mobility issues since no hand movement is required, the wireless controller makes this even easier.

Another new feature of the Pulse III is the anti-stall sensor which drives extra power to motor to compensate when more pressure is exerted onto the PulsePlate when you need it most. Although the action required for masturbation comes naturally and easily to most men, this is sadly not the case for everyone. A wide variety of health conditions and disabilities can make the traditional hand movement difficult or even impossible, including amputation, arthritis, cerebral palsy, cerebrovascular disease, motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis, FOP and Parkinson’s Disease, to name just a few. Those who suffer from fatigue because of a health condition can also find Pulse helpful as it can bring about erection and orgasm with very little effort or movement on the user’s part. People who need assistance with masturbation may find the person aiding them can simply set the Pulse III in place and let it do its work, for hands-free pleasure without the remote you can try the Pulse III Solo. For easy clean up you can apply a condom so there is no mess after you have completed your intimate activity.

As a solo use sex toy, the Pulse III Solo can be used in two ways for even more pleasurable value. The first way the Pulse III Solo can be used is with quality water-based gel or liquid personal lubricant, it becomes a revolutionary next-generation male masturbator mad from silky silicone. The second way the Pulse III Solo can be used is as a static simulator that requires no personal lubricant-free. In this case the PulsePlate provides stimulation direct to the frenulum of his penis whether erect or flaccid so it works great for all men in any stage of his sexual life. This sensation will be completely different than anything you’ve experienced before. Some testers have even told us they have experienced a more powerful, prolonged orgasm even when not fully erect. That could be like learning to masturbate all over again. On the one hand this allows the user to enjoy the sensation of being made hard but on the other it offers amazing possibilities for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). This revolutionary intimacy aid is also great for customers who have a disability or mobility issues since no hand movement is required.

As a partner toy the Pulse III Duo is a revolution in couples’ sex toys that can provide a unique hands-free experience that allows you to focus completely on each other. The couple can come closer to the sensation of making love than ever before. This unique toy has a 2nd powerful motor that provides independently adjustable vibrations for her and is improved over the previous model and able be controlled remotely as well. With the Pulse III Duo attached, the man lowers himself so the toy’s vibrating underside is pressed against her most sensual spot. With his body weight holding the toy in place, the couple can now enjoy amazing hands-free foreplay. With the Pulse III Duo attached and the man underneath, his partner lowers herself so that her form is pressed against the toy’s vibrating underside that has adjustable intensities that are remote controlled. While the revolutionary PulsePlate technology delivers waves of intense pleasure for him, the vibrating underside that is contacting her adds pleasure for her.

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