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Dana DeArmond & Christian discuss Facials (I couldn’t resist)

From Dana DeArmond’s blog on myspace

Its easier to repost this convo than tell retell the story…

Current mood: pissed off

Category: Blogging

AIM IM with Christian

D: dude i am so pissed

C: whats up

D: i got ripped off for like 600$ by this lady who twisted my arm into buying all this facial mud shit
im going to have to go kick her ass in the morning

C: wow that sucks   go get her!

D: its going to be extra sucky for her tomorrow   when her ass is getting kicked.   by me.

C: is she a door to door one or a department store one

D: worse. kiosk i wonder if she thinks im a complete retard and i wouldnt look up the prices online

C: crazy

D: she even tried to tell me that the product website wasnt up and to not try to go to it even though the url is printed on the packaging lots of red flags here.

C: crazy

D: she gave me things as gifts and asked like if she was going to get caught she would pay for them out of her own pocket
i ended up buying a shit load of stuff just to get away from her and now i have to go back  ?

C:that sucks babe go get her! okay i am off to the gym   jetlag is a bitch

D: bye

C:  ?

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