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Danny Blaq on his Clips 4 Sale Problems-UPDATE

DANNY EMAILS ME AN UPDATE- After I commented on your blog from the airport at 9pm surprisingly at 1pmEST today I got my 1st C4S sale emails since OCT 23. So far I have 2 today. Before today I’ve had only 3 since AUG 12. I was hoping C4S had saw my public complaint and started undoing what they might have been doing.

op/ed by Danny Blaq

I too have about had it with C4S and I know I am not the only producer with the 2 issues below that seem to prove the former programmer is correct about possible tampering.

I believe the former programmer because I have personally addressed PROVEN programming issues to CS4 that deal specifically with #1 Payout/Billing malfunctions AND #2 Vanishing Sales emails. I know for a fact they do have programming issues with BILLING and SALES and REFUSE to reply to them in the Producer Support area or over the phone.

#1 Payout/Billing malfunctions:
Since making complaints over a year ago when they sent all 4 of my store Payouts to the wrong bank account not listed in my profiles, all of a sudden my sales began to decline. LITERALLY the next month. Last month, when they sent 2 of my 4 store’s $ to the wrong account AGAIN, I was able to visually prove to them using web browser screen shots, that their website Producer control Panel payment info, when changed, does not properly end up in their accounting system. Gia, in C4S accounting could not explain why she claimed her system was reading information not even close to what is in the Producer Control Panel.

#2 Vanishing Sales emails:
The emails I used to get for every single CLIP and DVD sale I made began to stop coming in. If a sale email came in it was days or weeks behind the actual sale. I thought it was related to my complaints over my missing money but it now makes sense that if they are tampering with sales I would not get proper notification. Of late I now practically get ZERO emails for my sales. No clips sales no DVD sales, no DVD packing lists. I have to log in to each store & see what has been sold and it does not match my traffic OR the Best Seller box on each store. AGAIN Producer Support so far simply ignores complaints and offers no reply.

I will be addressing this to them ‘face-to-face’ at AVN 2011 in Vegas and if no solution is put in place I will leave them for sure.

Danny Blaq

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