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Darrah- Banned From XPT again…

Little Miss Darrah Ford, whom I fondly call DRAMA Ford, has been permanently BANNED from for the second time.

When Darrah got banned Forever the first time, she turned on the charm and after a few kind kiss ass letters to the owner of JM productions ( Jeff), and a note to Tony Malice, she was given another chance.

I don’t know what she did this time, but i just got a message from her (It’s saturday night at almost midnight) that says she was banned again, and she asked if anyone had ever been UNbanned twice, lol

Truthfully, my dear Darrah, I don’t think anyone has ever been BANNED twice, forget about unbanned.. But then you are one of a kind, thank God. Please spend all your new time writing more for LIB… I miss you.

Darrah’s own site is

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