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Darrah Gives us the “Tiffany Tyler in the Hospital” Scoop

By Darrah Ford of

Tiffany writes on her Twitter:

March 4th

Come watch me dance and hang out with me tonight at Al’s Diamond Cabaret in Reading, PA at 10p and 12p

March 8th

Sorry for being so out of touch! My appendix ruptured Friday and I’m still in the hospital in PA. Boo!

The Dr says I’ll be just fine, and will hopefully be home to LA in a couple days. XOXO

Bed rest, feeling well enough to talk/email. Got my lawyer (aka Dad, but he’s damn good) on the phone to straighten out some long overdue

Btw, tomorrow they might let me get started on clear liquids and I’m super stoked that this includes jello and broth. Probably overly so!!

I feel like this trip probably was a blessing in disguise or a higher power or fate or something logical Feel better in more ways than one!

Wow, just woken by some Dr that isn’t mine but stopped by for ten minutes yesterday and I deemed an idiot… yesterday.

It’s rude to ask 4 days into a hospital stay, “So what’s wrong?”. You should have some fucking clue.

He’s not keen on the clear liquids because 5 seconds after waking me it was uncomfortable pushing near my appendix.

Ok, it’s sad how amazing I think this broth is. My caretaker tried it, apparently it’s not… It’s just been awhile lol

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