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Darrah is Taking an Unintended Vaca from Blogging

Darrah writes- I won’t be updating the blog ( for about 2 weeks.

Have been having computer problems for a while. Loud noise again from the CPU. The other day, the computer just died. Not even a full year and another computer has died on me. I don’t know why. I don’t do much with my computer. Don’t download movies, music, or games. I’ve just been cursed when it comes to computers.

I’m on my BF’s laptop and it’s a nightmare! The screen is smaller and the letters are smaller. My blog is very narrow on here too. I can’t see what the hell I’m reading. I don’t know how you guys handle these laptops. I’m hating it already. Give me a desktop anyday!!

He also has the laptop with him most of the day. So I can’t be updating like I use to. I’ll get to checking comments hopefully later tonight. A few comments are in spam and moderation. So I’ll get to them later tonight too. I’m hunched over this laptop as I’m typing this and don’t know how you guys handle laptops.

I also don’t have any of my bookmarks or any of my documents with me. So I’m screwed and can’t blog. Take care!

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