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Darrah on LIB

The moment I took over LIB, I hired Darrah as a writer. She is crazy, controversial, opinionated, and not afraid of the repercussions of what she says. I respect her, the bravery with which she speaks, and the fact that she is like the energizer bunny, as in no matter how many times she is slammed down, she keep coming back for more ( as in her stay on XPT)

I do not often agree with her, she tends to go off in tangents, and dislikes certain people that she brings up over and over again.  She tends to believe everything some people say, and then none of what others tell her. She also is obvious for her dislike of certain men in the industry, especially the ones she calls criminals, lol. She is a spitfire and a stick of dynamite.

 She is an original. She will always be welcome here. I just wish I could get her to write some original stuff for LIB that wouldn’t get me sued!

 I’ll tell you this much, I always want to keep Darrah on my GOOD side…


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