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Darrah on Penny Flame’s UNRetirement…

by Darrah Ford from PornStarBabylon

Here I was feeling sorry for her and everything she’s struggled with but her retirement speech and her new blog are just a big a big fucking lie! Penny tells XBiz how everyone got it wrong and she isn’t retiring from the porn world but just from performing. She will still direct for Vivid:

“After eight years of enjoying, benefiting from and embracing this industry, I’ve come to a point in my life that performing is not a place — mentally — that I am capable of being in anymore. I’m in no way denouncing the industry; I love the adult business and I always will. It made me everything I am today. I’m grateful for the time I spent in front of the camera, but I am not going anywhere.”

“Not performing anymore will allow me to pursue other goals that I had no time for previously, like getting a film degree. I’m still excited to direct and work on other projects for Vivid — albeit from behind the camera this time. Like I said, I’m not leaving, I’m just taking my business in this business in a new direction.”

I searched for the word ‘direct’ on her blog and it only shows up one week later after her “retirement” announcement. She waited an entire week after her first posts to then say oh yeah I will still be in the industry but directing. Her first post was April 29. She decides to tell us and her fans, who she now thinks will still pay to join her website, that she will still remain in porn but behind the scenes directing for Vivid. The shortest retirement ever! One week later on her ‘Identity Theft’ post dated May 5.

Why did Penny do this? Because “retiring” after leaving Dr. Drew Pinsky’s VH1 reality show for sex addicts is more of a bigger story that will garner much attention, press, and fanfare. If she just announced she was retiring from performing, many wouldn’t care and just assume she would eventually come back in a few years when she needs the money like many others have. This cry for attention is also to promote her website that has now become a part Vivid’s web operation.

Here I felt sorry for this woman while many were saying she’s lying and it’s just for publicity for when the reality show comes out. I even sent her blog to Shelley Lubben and also tried to find an email address so Shelley could try to help her if she ever needed help because Shelley knows what Penny was supposedly going through while her therapist has no clue.

Penny told XBiz that not performing anymore will now allow her to pursue other goals that she had no time for before. But she’s the one that would complain all the time before how she couldn’t find work and neither could most of the other female performers!

When Penny first announced her retirement, she said she would leave Penny behind and move forward in life as Jennie. How can you move forward as Jennie if you’re still working in an industry that only knows you as Penny Flame?? You’re the alcoholic that works at a bar. You’re the obese woman working at Burger King. You’re the drug addict working at the local pharmacy. How can you possibly put on a straight face and tell anyone that a recovering sex addict will still be working in the PORN INDUSTRY? How can you try to get sympathy from us by writing on your blog how you felt guilty after masturbating because it’s the first time you’ve done so in 25 days but still be working in the PORN INDUSTRY?

Now when the reality show airs this Fall, no one should believe a single thing you say or do on there because it will all be a lie that you orchestrated months earlier. I searched for the word ‘direct’ on your blog and it’s not there until a week after your first post on April 29. You then mentioned still directing for Vivid on May 5. XBiz picked up the story and ran your new interview on May 7. So don’t go back editing it all now! Now I’ll go back to not caring about you again because you were never all that interesting anyway.

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