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Darrah on Sophia on Cindi

Sophia Mounds makes me look like the Nigel Tomm of porn.
Opinion/Editorial by Darrah of PornStarBabylon

It all started when performer Sophia Mounds emailed Cindi at LukeIsBack and started making accusations against her former roommate, ex-boyfriend, and others in her life. Sophia got upset that Cindi named her as Crazy Chick and didn’t post all the emails she had sent making all those accusations.

Cindi was trying to protect Sophia’s identity and named her Crazy Chick considering her Myspace name is Psycho Cunt. Cindi also didn’t post the emails in their entirety because she didn’t know if many of the accusations were even true.

Then Sophia starts leaving comments at Cindi’s other website Cindi’sNakedTruth. saying:

Its me. I write so much better, then you do. Ha! A leson learned! Asumptions are the mother of all fuck-up’s. I have four posts up. With new ones being posted daily! No wonder you had to buy luke smokes crack. It was the only way you could get to write. Hey! This is a learning leson for you and Ryan. Now f-off! I have a news site to run…..

The news site Sophia has just started has seven posts up already. Her first post is attacking Cindi and hating LukeIsBack. Pure comedy relief reading!

She hates Cindi so much that she starts her new blog attacking Cindi, sourcing Cindi’sNakedTruth, and sourcing LukeIsBack for her Playboy lawsuit piece. Makes perfect sense right?! If you can get through all the misspellings, it’s funny to read.

Our newest porn blogger claims that she is a better writer than Cindi. Though Cindi has been doing this for over 15 years.

Sophia once contacted me on Myspace not too long ago. I had never spoken to her before. I try to message her back but she has enabled that no one can message her unless were are on her friend’s list. So I request to be friends and it says we can only be friends if I know either her last name or her email address. I know neither. So there was no possible way of me contacting her back.

I just found my Desi Foxx blog replacement!!

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