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Darrah on Sophie “Not Dead” Perez

Opinion/Editorial by Darrah of

Last week I was the first one to report how 20-year-old Sophie Perez had been killed in a car crash. Her Myspace page left this message from her “sister” Marie:

Rest in peace Sophie, you’ll be missed. This is her sister Marie. I will keep this Myspace updated.

Charlie Malloy at FOX Magazine then ran my story at xxxPornTalk. For a week he had been trying to find an obituary to prove she was really dead because there have been many cases, even from very well known porn stars, that had faked their deaths for whatever reason.

Remer at xxxPornTalk then left this messages:

I heard a conflicting story about her demise…something to the fact that it doesn’t exist….she lives…..

Someone should do their homework…if only to believe in a myspace page….

Only saying that there are a lot of “fake” myspace pages…..don’t want to ruin your day or nothing…..but you may want to double check your facts…

The URL says it all….

I contacted Charlie on Myspace and told him if she is alive, maybe she did it because she was being threatened by someone and had to go into hiding. And maybe he should drop the case because it might put her in more danger.

I then checked Sophie’s Myspace page and was horrified to see the page is now decorated with a drug background & tables. Why would her “sister” do this? I also thought why does her page have the agency’s name and not her own.

I have come to learn many girls don’t own their names, Myspace pages, email accounts, blogs, or websites. I was told ClubJenna deleted the Myspace page of one of their girls after she had left them. ClubJenna ran the page. She probably was never allowed to log onto “her” own page to even decorate it.

These girls get into porn and someone tells them they’ll handle everything for them. The girl agrees but doesn’t realize she just handed over her entire porn & celebrity identity to someone else to do with as they please. I understand a person spending all the time, money, and energy on building someone’s career and wanting to hold on to their investment. But after a certain amount of time, these performers have the right to own their name, Myspace page, email account, and buy back their websites. Many of the biggest female porn stars don’t own their names. They handed over their identity for a contract. Maybe they didn’t read what they were signing or maybe they were lied to and deceived.

Sophie Perez didn’t own that Myspace page of hers which announced her death. The page was used to recruit women for Girlz Inc. Sophie left the agency and they retaliated by announcing she had died. Just like Derek Hay at LA Direct had announced Jayme Langford had retired so to ruin her reputation all because she had left their agency.

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