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Darrah on the Janie/Jamie Summers- Digital Playground Debacle

By Darrah Ford from


Darrah has an opinion on the naming of the new Digital Playground girl and here is it-

Digital Playground just released this press release announcing their new contract girl Janie Summers (left). Of course, like many other Digital Playground contract girls before her, she was forced to change her name and go by a name Digital Playground chose for her. Janie is formally known as Heather Starlet. But because she’s not allowed to have her own identity and the domain names have already been bought, she has to now go as Janie Summers. Digital Playground could have simply changed Starlet to Starlette. But that would have been too easy.

You might be asking what’s the problem or if I’m just up to my usual complaining self again. The MAJOR problem is that there was a well known 1980’s porn star known as Jamie Summers (right). Jamie was a Vivid girl and started in the porn industry at 18-years-old and remained in the industry from 1986-1993.

If little ole’ me who is not even a part of this industry knows this bit of information, then how the hell didn’t anyone at Digital Playground not know? Or did they simply not care and think this was their way of trying to take the spotlight away from Vivid? Though Vivid is highly flawed, Digital Playground will never be Vivid.

I checked to see who owns the domain names and it seems Digital Playground only owns The .com is owned by Moniker. Digital Playground didn’t even buy the .org. TNB Entertainment does and they bought the .org a week after Digital Playground bought How could they let the .org slip away?? So what was the point in making this girl change her name if you don’t even own the .com?

I highly doubt Janie even knows who Jamie Summers is. She was offered a contract and thought it was her ticket to being the next Jesse Jane. This shows how much little regard Digital Playground has for their contract girls. It makes Janie look foolish though she might never have heard of Jamie Summers. But the veterans in this industry and the 80’s porn fans sure do know who Jamie Summers is. So not only are porn stars taking a celebrity’s name or changing that celebrity’s name around a bit, now they’re taking already established porn star’s names.

There are already two stories on LIB about this.  Clicky Here    Clicky again

If Digital Playground would like to respond, please send a note through this site and I will post it.

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