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Darrah, UNbanned from


I talk to Darrah, (who I have nicknamed Drama), about how she got UNbanned from


Can you tell me WHY they unbanned you?

It’s my charming personality that always brings a smile to everyone when I enter a room.  And my reputation for being one of the nicest people around certainly helped.

Did you beg?

I tried to keep my begging to a minimum without losing my integrity.  I also made pretend I was nice to Jeff Steward by leaving half naked Myspace glitters on his page.  But he could see through my act and deleted all but one.  So my plan was to wait a bit longer so he would then miss me and eventually bring me back on.

Blow Tony Malice?
Isn’t he still dating Gia Jordan?!  You didn’t answer the question.

Pay off Jeff? 
The man has more money than I do.  So I just threw myself at him but the jerk turned me down.  He said I’m not his type.  Is he gay?

Tell Sandy you would work at the office for free?
You know I don’t know anyone in porn.  Who is she?       Sandy is Jeff’s wife who runs the show.

What restrictions did they put on you?

Jeff told me he would give me one more chance and for me not to fuck it up. 

What were you told you could and could not do on XXXPT?
The biggest complaint was “derailing” threads.  Though it was unintentional.  I just like to talk which then leads to something completely off-topic.  The moderators also complained I made too many posts.  During my seven weeks there, one of them being put in the penalty box, I made over seven hundred posts.  But ….. derailing.

How do you get unbanned after you have been banned for life?I sent this, my final plea to Jeff:


Who else blogs about you like I do?? Though it’s a negative piece but still, it still shows my heart is in the right place.

And by looking at XPT, it has died a horrible death and is bordering on extinction! When I was there the Shit List and the Cage were bouncing baby! Now it just looks like a shell of it’s former self.

My time at ADT has taught me to control my temper since I’m on the verge of getting axed there too. Now I barely reply except on certain occasions. I even told the new mod who emailed me a warning that he could banish me on site if I ever went after Desi Foxx again. Now I’ve even sided with Desi Foxx and laid off my attack after all her problems with the con men in her life.

With you banning me for life and Willie D wanting me to die of AIDS, I’m starting to hate the board I once loved and called home.

You need me on XPT! I can bring back the shits and giggles onto your fine board once again. Banish me on site if I “derail” again. My time away has made me a better person.

Sincerely yours,
Darrah Ford

He then writes me back saying he would give me one more chance and for me not to fuck it up.  Tony Malice then emails me saying I had been unbanned.

Congratulations. We’ll see how long this lasts, lol.

Darrah runs

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