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Darrah’s Site GONE for a few hours….

NL- Houston Don contacted me and told me about this. But by the time I got there her blog was already back up. Here is what Darrah had posted this morning on her myspace-

Darrah writes- September 15, 2009 – Tuesday
My blog has been suspended.
Current mood:  pissed off
Category: Blogging

My blog PornStarBabylon has been suspended by for a couple of hours already.  I’ve contacted them and no reply back yet.  Someone from the porn industry reported the blog for whatever reason.  It might take a few more hours for my blog to be back online.   Just wanted everyone to know why it’s been down.  Thank you!

NL- Okay Darrah, so you are now “UN” suspended because your blog is accessible.

What did you do?

Who reported you?

Did WP give you restrictions to put you back on line?

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