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Dave Cummings Final Column

BY: Dave Cummings—-Hall of Fame Porn
December, 2012
It’s happened. There’s so little porn production these past couple of years
that material for this monthly column has ebbed terribly. IMO, piracy is to
blame. Rather than fight it any longer, this tired 72 year old porn star is
making this the last “From The Trenches”. Herewith, It’s happening with this
final column.

I basically shut down Dave Cummings Productions a few years ago when it
became evident to me that the pirates and down-loaders made it seemingly
impossible to continue. I’ve tried to keep positive, but it’s now time for
this column to wave the white flag, and for me to concentrate on performing
for other companies whenever a booking comes along; sex will still be
occasionally available to me via San Diego’s swinging community and  groupie
coeds, and the hope that the rest of the porn world can keep surviving so I
might have some future booking/performing opportunities. Piracy has taken a
heavy toll on many companies and personnel. It’s happened.

Yes, my writing is terrible, but there have been times when I’ve felt like
the column was still of some value to groups of readers, especially the porn
fans in Texas who frequently told me that they liked the column. But, “From
The Trenches” is dying from the pirates and other obstacles that the porn
world is now faced with. It’s happened.
I’ll keep up with porn news and happenings, and will comment from
time-to-time via Internet boards and other outlets.  But, herewith, the
demise of “From The Trenches” has now happened. Thanks for reading past

As you might have noticed in the past, I frequently quote other columns. One
of my favorites has been, and remains, “Sexual Intelligence”, written by Dr
Marty Klein, Ph.D.  Found at, the many top-notch
articles in each month’s issue have topics that are so on target that I
recommend you sign up for his newsletter.

To give this month’s “From The Trenches” validity, below is one of the many
 fine reports in Marty’s most recent posting “Reprinted from Sexual
Intelligence,copyright C Marty Klein, Ph.D. (”;

“Porn Industry Fights For Your Rights
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Even if you don’t watch porn-even if you think porn should be illegal-you
still get the benefits of the porn industry’s fight to safeguard your
freedoms as an American. And this goes way beyond your right to watch porn,
to areas of privacy, capricious taxation, and elsewhere.
Here’s the latest.
Say you produce adult porn films for a living (go with me on this). You, the
government, and society all agree that only adults should act in such films.
And in fact, the adult film industry has an amazing record of accidentally
employing almost no underage actors/actresses girls in the last 30 years-a
far better record than the number of oil spills, crashes, or explosions in
any other industry.
So it’s illegal for underage people to act in adult films. No problem. The
government goes a step further, and requires age documentation of every
participant in adult films. You must prove you’re an adult. No problem.
One day you decide to make a film featuring only 50-year-olds. All
participants must prove they’re adults, and they do. But the government has
this law (called “2257″) about record-keeping, unique to the adult film
industry. They can come into your office unannounced, with no warrant or
even probable cause, asking for the IDs of the 50-year-olds in the film; if
you don’t have them handy right there, you can be prosecuted and sent to
jail. You can go to jail not because you have underage actors in your film,
but because you can’t prove that three 50-year-olds are over 18.
This law isn’t keeping underage talent out of films-because they haven’t
been in commercial films to begin with. It’s simple harassment of a legal
industry, which no other industry has to suffer. It’s an unconstitutional
invasion of privacy-government agents coming into your premises unannounced
not because they have a reasonable cause, but because the law allows them.
So here’s the big news-the porn industry has challenged this law, the
government asked the case to be dismissed, and a federal judge refused.
In this case, the porn industry is protecting all Americans’ rights-to be,
as the Fourth Amendment says, “secure in their persons, houses, papers, and
effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”
Here are just three other ways (there are many others) the porn industry
protects your rights, whether you watch porn or not:
.    Fighting arbitrary zoning: Cities and counties around the country
try to prevent adult bookstores from opening by inventing discriminatory
zoning rules-which are also used to prevent swing clubs, education centers,
and religious centers from opening.
.    Fighting taxes based on content: Several states now tax strip clubs
more than other forms of live entertainment. If they can do this, they can
levy extra taxes on any form of communication they want to discourage (such
as violent video games or religious newspapers).
.    Fighting government agencies advancing a moral agenda: Even though
there is no HIV problem in the adult film industry (you’re safer sleeping
with a porn actress/actor than a stranger you meet in a bar), Los Angeles
County plans to require condoms and dental dams on all porn shoots. If they
can do this, they can supervise any legal activity of which they disapprove,
such as fashion shows, church bake sales, and campus protests.
So whether you watch porn or not, whether you think porn is evil or not-this
holiday season, give thanks that, in addition to making films, porn
producers are protecting your rights.”

See, Marty Klein is one sharp, professional, and in-tune gentleman!

Take care everyone; and, Happy Holidays

Dave Cummings. /

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