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Dave Cummings on Church Vs State


 BY:  Dave Cummings—-Porn Star/Producer/Director             Jan, 2009


Aren’t the Space Program words “We have a problem, Houston” historical? Well, to me, it’s now Houston and some other American cities which have a problem. It appears like some hypocritical religious folks (you know, the ones who perhaps fantasize about gentlemen’s clubs and adult entertainment, but then “brown-nose” God by championing political restraints on it) have somehow gotten more and more politicians to act in their behalf, instead of for the overall people they represent.  And, the Courts sometimes seem blinded too. Somehow, the good people have to vote the religious sympathizers out of office. If those politicians can’t act objectively, then they don’t deserve their positions. Citizens who enjoy, want, and deserve the opportunity to patronize adult entertainment should not be restricted by politicians influenced by the radical religious right-wingers!  All citizens should have the right to go to, or not to go to, adult entertainment venues—religious hypocrites, politicians, and judges should not be allowed to subjectively restrict Constitutional freedoms. C’mon, let’s solve the problems of Church ruling State!


The Bush Administration will soon end. Let’s hope the Obama reign will keep the dividing line between Church and State clear, and un-trampled upon.


In what seems like an annual happening, within minutes of me walking into the Adult Video News AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) last week in Las Vegas, I lucked out and was hugging Feature Dancer Jade Simone St.Clair; actually, it was sexy hugging and a little left hand butt-groping while I held out my right hand to shake hands with Adult Quest’s John Gray.  What a wonderful way to make an entrance! Jade has always been a close friend, one I often fantasize about sexually.


The AEE was loaded with beautiful porn actresses, gorgeous adult entertainers, and with many wide-eye fans with expressions on their faces like they were in Heaven. The girls signing autographs in the booths also were smiling and seemed genuinely happy to greet attendees and pose for photos with them. What a happy place the Las Vegas Sands Convention Center was! Because of the present national economic conditions, the number visitors to the AEE seemed down a bit, just like it seemed for the Computer Electronics Show (CES) which also runs simultaneously in Las Vegas. Even the airport taxi drivers, hotel waiters, and casino folks were lamenting the effects of the economy upon their livelihoods. Though I missed the wall to wall crowds of recent years, it was nice to have more aisle space to walk through and enjoy the exhibits, and yes, the visuals of beautiful women.


As in the past, the AEE was masterfully organized, and every detail was professionally orchestrated. God must surely smile down approvingly upon adult entertainment—even the Las Vegas weather cooperated. Elegant evening parties overflowed with happiness, goodness, and smiles galore. If anyone reading this has yet to attend an AEE, I recommend you put it high up on your “to do” list. 


I personally enjoyed seeing so many “insiders”, friends, and co-workers at AEE. It was almost like a post-Xmas present, especially hugging the porn girls. I love my job!


On another personal note, my holiday season was fabulous. Swinger parties, family gatherings, San Diego Charger football, and holiday parties were fun. The area colleges are back in session, and groupie coeds are catching up on sex as stress relief from studying hard. I not only love my job, I also love my age and my physical location here in San Diego.


With the economy so bad, let’s all try to assist others, even if it’s just a smile, a good wish, or a prayer. Also, let’s be extra-nice to folks, just because it’s good for all concerned. Bottom line, let’s “care”!


Use your sun block, be safe, engage in some suitable physical exercise, live and eat healthy, and be considerate of others.


Happy 2009,

Dave Cummings, ,

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