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Dave Rock Violates His Own Zero Tolerance Policy 

motley models

A couple years ago, TRPWL wrote an epic piece about Motley Models owner Dave Rocks proclivity for banging his own models.  Both current, and former Motley girls logged complaints about Dave via social media and direct message to TRPWL. Yes, I know proclivity is a big word, Ryan Kona just grabbed a dictionary to figure it out.

After we ran the piece, Motley’s Dave Rock issued a statement to both AVN and XBIZ,  essentially validating our story and pinky swearing he would never do it again.

Not only did he pinky swear, but he instituted a ZERO TOLERANCE  policy.

“Nevertheless, moving forward, there will be a zero-tolerance policy of sexual interactions between staff/performers at Motley Models.” – Dave Rock

Good for you Dave!  So what exactly happens when someone violates your Zero Tolerance policy?  Even better, how many times have you violated it?

Is you dating Theodora Day a violation of  the Dave Rock Zero Tolerance policy?

Is the Zero Tolerance policy one of those 3 strike things?  Like you can bang two of the chicks on your roster every quarter and not be in violation? How many times have you written yourself up for banging girls on your roster ? Should I make a Freedom of Information act request to see the Dave Rock Motley Models personnel file? I can even go through Super Duper Failed Agency Owner Todd Supro.

I have a question. Do you think these girls would fuck you if they weren’t on your roster? I mean, for free?

Anyway.  I look forward to reading your next press release.

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