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David Aaron Clark Remembered

A Remembrance of David Aaron Clark by Charles from

David Aaron Clark had more creativity in his slightest exhalation than most people have in complete yammering sentences. He was smart, cynical, sardonic, and brilliant.

My buddy Dave is my other younger brother. Or was. Fuck. We worked together at SCREW Magazine, me starting downstairs (or was it upstairs?) at Midnight Blue, Al Goldstein’s seminal (pun not intended but certainly appropriate) cable television show in Manhattan. I’d remembered reading about Midnight Blue in TIME magazine some years previous. First bare buttcheek on community cable or something like that.

Anyway, Dave and I hit it off immediately and remained deeply connected friends throughout our NYC – San Francisco – LA intertwining work/art/love-seeking perambulations.

As of this writing he has been gone barely 48 hours and I am grieving – realizing that I will not be sitting having a conversation with him on any future earthly day or night – save in dreams. I entirely anticipate the latter but it’s not the same as putting my arms around the mug and hugging him for all he’s worth. Which I did, everytime I saw him, which wasn’t often enough.


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