David Giarusso Denies Parts of the Story:

AVN reports that David, Dion’s brother, has denied that the altercation was over “selling product out the back door” he didn’t say what the altercation was over. Apparently the brothers are meeting with attorneys tonight.

I would like to take this time to state that I hope these guys can come to terms without lawyers or legal action. You two are brothers and you run the best gonzo company in porn. Dion is the most adept politician that porn has, he is a peacemaker, lets hope he can make peace here.


Apparently he “punched out” his brother when it was discovered that Dion was “selling product out the back door”. Jake Malone has been fired and the Company Christmas Party cancelled. I am hearing that RLD will continue without Dion.

Dion actually answered me and says that it is all just a misunderstanding between brothers and that he is not on the run and that his brother is not pressing charges. I was going to sit on this story but it was too close to breaking elsewhere rumors have been flying about this since Friday.


Bellsouth Sucks:

My internet access has been out since last friday. If you sent me an email since then please resend it. I have changed Internet Service providers so please be patient. Thanks

Steve Seidman’s White Slavery Charge:

Apparently Steve has done time for charges having to do with white slavery, that sounds real sinister doesn’t it?

The “White Slavery” or Mann Act makes it illegal to transport a person across state lines for an “immoral purpose”, apparently thats what Steve did.

Now before you guys pass judgement on Steve, consider this: Have you ever paid a girls airfare, busfare, trainfare or reimbursed her for her travel to shoot for you? If the answer is yes you violated the White Slavery law, same as Steve did.

So if someone is going to condemn Steve for this he better be prepared to condemn everyone in porn valley and everyone with an adult ste on the internet.

Another HIV+?

Rumors are rampant that someone else has tested HIV positive, reportedly it’s a female but there is no confirmation. AIM is said to be retesting.

Whoever you are, if you read this I urge you to go get tested by someone else if you come back positive or not. AIMs testing proceedures and diagnosis record are about as dependable as my bellsouth internet service.


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