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David Lee Roth’s Daughter Brenna Calls Off Her Marriage

Brenna pic Brenna pic

(Photos by Mark Lee)

Brenna has a new tattoo. The same one as her sister Avy Lee Roth has.

I email Brenna: “I hear that you did not get married and that you are getting nude on film. What happened?”

She replies:

it was weird. the first time i took him in public with me he freaked out and was talking to people about us having kids and me quiting my job. fuck that.

i didn’t get nude on film really. just in some photos 1 time. they look really good.

are you going to write about me again? help me find a boy that isn’t stupid, and won’t make me quit my job.

If Kyle Hudson and Brenna Lee Roth can’t make love work, what hope is there for the rest of us?

My earlier interview of Brenna. Her MySpace.

I email Brenna:

When you say your nude photos look really good, what do you mean? How do you judge them? By their eroticism, artistry, what? Where are they going to show up?

Did you get naked in the aftermath of your relationship with Kyle Hudson? Was it revenge? What was it?

Brenna responds:

they look great because i don’t look super skinny. i have curves, i look like a mid-west mom! i think thats hott!

Kyle forgot to tell me he has a wife, in Chicago. There was not legal way we could get married, he just didn’t tell me.

I don’t know when they will show up, or even who has them. I am going to start selling them at film conventions. (yes i go to cons’)

I don’t know what i will do to get back at Kyle, maybe nothing. He is a nice boy, maybe too nice for me. I like bad boys anyhow.

it also would have never worked out because i like my job too much to care about a husband. Maybe i learned something from my dad after all…i rather entertain the public than be happy with a family. i have a daughter, thats’ enough for me.

“What have you learned from this last romance? In retrospect, is rushing into marriage a good idea? Why did you get naked for the photos? You had such a strong block against that. Who beat you down and how?”

Brenna responds:

marriage and i would never last because i love entertaining people too much to stop and think about just 1 other person.


p.s. i learned: all boys lie.

When I call Brenna’s cell phone, I hear, “This is David Lee Roth. Please leave a message for my daughter Brenna after the beep.”

A source says: “Kyle Hudson is not a liar.  Beyond that irrefutable character trait, he would never have lied to Brenna Lee Roth.  She was made well aware of Kyle’s marital situation very shortly after they began dating.  I realize that “Hollywood” is a fan of printing information that is entertaining, and sometimes deceiving, but if you need substantiation for Brenna’s claims that he lied to her, you will not find any.”

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