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De’Bella Was Fired From RLD



Huntington Beach, California

On June 21, 2007, after working for Red Light District since March 2003, Debbie Schwarz a.k.a De’Bella was abruptly terminated by Red Light District. At the direction of Miles Rinis (Comptroller RLD), Debbie was instructed to make a written request to correct a hostile workplace situation at 9:00 AM that morning. David Joseph (Owner of RLD), Miles Rinis (Comptroller RLD), and Mike Amato (CFO) elected to terminate her employment with RLD at 4:00 PM the same day. This came as a shock to Debbie a.k.a De’Bella and many of the other employees of RLD. Debbie said “I never planned on quitting my job despite the hostile condition RLD would not correct.”

Debbie represented RLD at many industry functions and was slated to be RLD’s representative at the upcoming Erotica LA 2007 trade show. Debbie said she was devastated at getting the sudden termination news. Debbie said her goal was to continue to remain a team player at RLD and a positive influence on new talent and employees despite the negative work conditions was she placed in. Everyone in the industry knows that Debbie had put so much of her life into her job despite the personal sacrifice it caused in her relationship with her daughter.

This sudden termination comes at a time when her relationship with her Daughter Jewel De’Nyle had been estranged due to the manner in which RLD acquired her shares from Platinum X and her sudden termination as a accomplished director. Debbie decided at that time to remain with the RLD/Plantium X despite the negative impact it had on her relationship with her daughter.

Jewel has moved on to become a well-known industry respected director despite the all of the negative press that was going on at the time of her termination. Debbie hopes to end the estrangement with her now that she has left RLD as well.

Debbie has decided to join forces with other industry talent and form a company called “Generation XXX Productions” which she will strive to keep a high standard for the industry.

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