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Delilah Dubois Captivates for ‘Like A VRgin’ with Banksie

Delilah Dubois

BanksieTV and Motorbunny proudly present the latest episode of its sex tech series ‘Like a VRgin,’ featuring host Banksie and special guest, Delilah Dubois. Known for her captivating performances and unique charm as a popular burlesque dancer, Dubois shares her captivating journey, passions, and views on technology in this exciting episode now available on YouTube.

“Having Delilah Dubois grace ‘Like A VRgin’ was an absolute honor,” said host Lindsey Banks. “Thank you, Delilah, for sharing your passion and enchanting our audience with your presence.”

In this exclusive episode, viewers will get an intimate look into Dubois’ life as a burlesque dancer and her deep-rooted passion for activism. Delilah will also reveal her custom 3D avatar, skillfully created by the BanksieTV team, adding a unique technological twist to her artistry.

The BanksieTV team would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to Motorbunny, their esteemed partner, for its support of ‘Like a VRgin.’

Fans of the show can catch the interview on YouTube and major audio streaming platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, and iHeartRadio. Check out all episodes of ‘Like a VRgin’ here:

For more updates and a glimpse into Delilah Dubois’s world, follow her on Instagram at @delilahdubois.

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