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Demi Delia On Sportswami

She emails:

Randy Spears and I did an interview last summer over the phone with him. Ever since then I was a little perturbed that he had first called me after the interview and told me he had a bunch of people that were interested in shooting me and he gave me numbers for them. This was about a month after I did the interview. I called one of the people and they had no idea what I was talking about and didnt even know who I was. AMAZING! Needless to say I didnt contact anyone else. Then I started recieving phonecalls and emails from people I didnt know who said they were given my number from Chris I think his name is. This really irritates me that someone would just think it is okay to give your personal number out.

I signed with Derek in September of  2006 and when I started getting calls from this guy Chris again and he started telling me he had people interested in shooting me, I told him to have them contact Derek that he does all my bookings. He then tells me Grant Micheals who I have not met wants to work with me and he was ready to give me Grant’s personal number and contact info.
By the way Grant….Sorry your name came up in this but he dragged you in. Be careful because he’ll give your number out all over town, he was trying to give it to me.
Anyway about two months ago Chris asked me to do another interview, I was very busy when he called and I said okay and we picked a day. Since then the amount of text messages and phone calls I recieved are unbelieveable. I told him I had no time to chat and he says okay. Then starts telling me about Grant. It just got ridiculous this last week and Randy told me to email Derek and have him handle it. So I did. I also canceled the interview.
As far as the comments he posted about Derek and him being “the pimp” and his girls bow down and obey him….That is completely ridiculous! Like I said earlier I have been with Derek since Sept of last year and I am very happy with the amount of work he has gotten me and the way I have been treated. Also I must say this… being an owner of two day spas in the past…I have had several employees working for me mostly young girls, it’s like baby sitting. The most important thing for me with my staff was that they were professional, showed up to work on time, were dressed nice and had good hygiene (after all it was beauty we were selling). If my salon wasnt cleaned properly I was all over the girls. Does this make me a bad person, that I had to get on my girls ass sometimes because they were slacking? Or does it make me a good business owner because I care about my salon and my clients and I want them to have the best experience possible when they enter my spa? When clients are happy they come back and my business thrives. What Derek does is no different. It seems to me he is pretty successful at what he is doing. AND what is really funny is Chris is calling him a PIMP, because he is representing girls in our business which by the way is legal…AND what exactly is Chris doing? Trying to make his show successful by using Derek’s girls for interviews. What a HYPOCRITE!

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