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Demi Delia

Erica emails:

Hey Luke, I was just reading Demi Delia’s comments about Derek Hayes and how he is not a pimp. I couldn’t help but laugh. She just took a trip to London with some other LADirect girls.

She also recently updated her website to add her “service” fees. She’ll be in NYC at the end of the month. Anyone can book “time” with her.

So add Demi Delia to the very long list of porn performers who escort. Before signing with LADirect, she was available through Pamela Peaks for “Video Work Only“.

It used to floor me. I thought because there was a set and lights and a director yelled “action” and “cut”, that porn performers weren’t whores, but I guess I was just naive. Not that prostituting is a bad thing, because I will not lie – if I could book her hubby with her, that’s something I would make my fiance buy me.

Demi Delia replies:

Just to set the record straight, I met Pamela Peaks last year when I was in between agents. She told me she gets girls video work and she put my pic up on her site. To this day I have never gotten one call from her. As far as me going to London, or being on big doggie that has nothing to do with Derek or my website for that matter.

I never said I didnt escort, what I said was is Derek is not a pimp. If he is than every agency in our business is. My escorting is my own business it has nothing to do with Derek or LA Direct. Really you people should find something better to do than sit on here and slam people. Sportswami got slammed by Derek because he wouldnt leave me alone. All I did was respond to Sportswami’s letter to Derek on what happened. Now I am getting attacked and you dont even know me!

Justin Syder emails:

Hey Luke I did a phone interview one time for that sports swamp guy. A month later he was calling me asking for numbers of girls in the flags went up everywhere. Of course I didn’t hand any out…seen that nightmare unfold before with other people. Its one thing to be a radio show host but its another to stalk your guests. Knowing Demi and her type in this biz she seems to be pretty trusting despite all the loser vultures out there and ive never heard her say a bad thing about anyone in the biz. I figure by that type of nature she’ll outlast a lot of the other “shit talkers” this biz seems to have in it. I know Randy is a cool guy too and they have a good relationship and nothing against you at all but if you post things about her escorting “who the fuck doesn’t these days?” or any other slander on her from these attention starved losers, try and put a good word in too for the people like her who keep their opinions to themselves…we’re all just trying to make our way in this business and its sad to see anyone trying to stab anyone else in the back for their own gain or notoriety. I shot camera for a scene for Demis website recently and I have to say it was one of the most energetic scenes I had shot for her and my friend Kevin from LA direct. Yeah she escorts…who gives a fuck? At least she loves the sex and puts it out there on screen well…more than I can say for some that are just down for the paycheck. You see the difference on screen…..I got the back of anyone like Demi in this biz who carries themselves professionally and is down for the fuckin as much as the pay…Thank god for the fun whores…AND WE’RE ALL WHORES….RIGHT?

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