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Den from CAVR Tribute Thread

Den Recob, founder & owner of and reviewer of over 27,000 movies, died at his home in Ohio on June 16, 2011, after a lengthy illness. He was 67.

Cindi says- Den loved porn and the women in it. He told me he would have never stopped reviewing if he hadn’t been seriously ill. He retired in May when he found out the end was near, and he only let a few of us in on what was really going on. He was a shy, private and humble man who always thought porn was about the girls, not the reviewers. In one of his last emails to me Den said ” I guess I am the ‘Dirty Ole Man’. ?  ”  So sad he is gone. So proud he put me in his Hall of Fame. Porn lost one of it’s good guys.

Will Ryder says “Den was a very nice man who had a lot of respect for performers, producers and directors.   I will always appreciate that he named me the CAVR director of the year in 2008 and also 2009. I cannot imagine anybody reviewing let alone watching 28,000 plus porn movies but he did.  The business is definitely in a transition and with Den’s passing the good ‘ole days just slipped a little farther away.  RIP Den.”    

Rog of says “Den was the very best at what we do. His work ethic was amazing. He was a great reviewer and an even better person. I consider him to be the King of Reviewers and am proud to have called him friend.”

Dirty Bob says in AVN-
Den was, without question, the most prolific adult reviewer ever. When he announced his retirement a few months ago (but kept his illness a secret to everyone but a select few), he had written an astounding 25,214 video and DVD reviews and 2,160 internet scene reviews for since starting the site in 1996. CAVR will remain active thanks to the Internet Adult Film Database (IAFD), but nothing will be added.

Writer Dick Freeman, long time friend of Den’s says–  on one level, Den would hate for anyone to write about him – but on another, he would be secretly pleased – When he announced he was retiring from reviewing, he expected all sorts of nasty postings about him – only to discover that not only did no one have a bad word to say – but rather that everyone was kind – and caring. Part of being a reviewer is that you have to rate the things you review – and who on earth likes to be rated? But I think everyone felt that Den was more than fair… and that he never attacked any of the girls. He felt that they were wonderful and should be treated accordingly.
What touched him most was when Bobbi Starr, hearing that he was retiring, wrote him a lovely email… I would like her to know that.
I don’t know what Dirty Bob & I are going to do without him – when we’d go out to dinner together, he would demand the bill – and there was nothing we could do to keep him from paying – I fear that Bob & I will have to go out dutch treat from now on.

Please leave your happy memories about Den in the comments.

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