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Den of on Marc Wallace

by Darrah Ford of

Darrah e-mails Den at and asks all the right questions. Here are the answers-

Den Says-Thanks for the email.
I was shocked to see Marc Wallice in the BTS. I mentioned this on a post at my favorite web place, Adult DVD Talk.
I was very happy to see Rog of write about it and he gave me permission to attach his write-up to my review.

My biggest concern was Tricia Devereaux. I have loved her from her early career and she is in my opinion the MVP at Evil Empire. I didn’t want to offend her (and the other gals involved) and bring up bad memories.

I was also surprised and happy to see this on Luke Is Back. Thank you.

I am disappointed that AVN didn’t mention this. I though AVN stood for Adult Video News. I guess they don’t think that this is newsworthy. Since AVN never even mentions Behind the Scenes in their reviews, perhaps they missed it. Or, maybe they didn’t want to upset TT Boy and lose his advertising dollars.

I am very interested in hearing what XRCO feels about this. Dirty Bob (XRCO co-chairman) stated at ADT, ‘My understanding is that he (Marc Wallice) has worked in the industry BTS for quite a while…’ . This was news to me. Sure would be nice if Dirty Bob provided a list of movies that Marc Wallice was in the BTS.

I sent an email to both TTB Productions and Evasive Angles and both were returned and I returned their newest shipment of screeners to them.

Mike South seems to be very interested in promoting Kayden Kross and must have missed this story or felt it was not newsworthy. Or, maybe Mike has a trick up his sleeve and Kayden is working on writing about Marc Wallice from a Porn Star point of view. Sure would love to read it.

I don’t know Amber Lynn, but she probably doesn’t want to get involved.

I think Marc Wallice should return to editting and not do anymore Directing or BTS.

In my latest update of the review, I say that I will not be reviewing anymore of his movies.

I hope you are successful in getting replies from:
1> TT Boy
2> AVN
4> Mike South

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