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Dennis Hof Threatens to Sue Me-UPDATE

Message from Dennis Hof to Not Luke- The topic that discussed the Bunny killed is very bad, you are allowing posters to say terrible untrue things about me and my business.

I respectably ask you to remove these untrue statements by noon monday and monitor your site to stop this type of assaults.

My Attorney Al Gelbard has successfully sued Luke and won over issues like this. If you do not remove the terrible untrue statements I will have him begin an action Monday.


Funny how I have never received an answer from you when I e-mailed you a question. Or a thank you for all the nice things I have said about you and your business. Or a comment the many times I have posted up news from the Bunny Ranch that your webmaster has sent me. All of the above giving you free publicity. What my commenters say doesn’t reflect my views. I could leave the post with the comments up and fight you on it. There are many cases showing that bloggers are not responsible for what others say on their site. But frankly it’s not worth my aggravation. Try asking nicely next time. It would get you a lot farther.

Not Luke

UPDATE-NL- Dennis & I had another e-mail exchange, and I think we are cool now. I’ll let you know if I hear anything else.

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