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“DEREK” tattooed on Vivid’s Nikki Jayne

Nikki Jayne gets DEREK tattooed on her wrist according to Picture from there also.

Derek being Derek Hay owner of LA Direct Models. Nikki had planned a wedding with Derek and even sent out invitations, but they canceled it at the last minute.

When I interviewed Nikki a couple months ago for & Magazine, and she talked about it-

X: Are you still seeing Derek? (Derek Hay is head of LA Direct Models and also acts in porn as Ben English)
N: Yeah.
X: Are you still engaged?
N: No. We were going to get married, but now we are not doing that.
X: Because you were going to get married and then you didn’t, I wondered if you broke up.
N: No. I mean we do break up but then we get back together the next day. It’s hard for me because I have no one here, only him. So he is my best friend, a lover, a boss, and an agent. I’ve found a lot in one person. Sometimes I think I am too much for him. I talk too much. I am too much of a rollercoaster. I’m up then I’m down, then I’m crazy then I’m happy, then I’m mad. You just never know with me.

 Nikki also told me she wouldn’t be getting any tattoos, lol


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