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Derrick Burts, MIA at UCLA Panel

NL-There was a UCLA panel last week on the porn industry. I’ve been looking around for info on how it went. So far, I’ve not found much. Anyone attend and write about it? Or wanna write about it? LMK


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Inside informants reporting to WHACK! from California have let us know that Derrick Burts, the so-called “industry insider” for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s campaign to mandate condoms in pornography and infamous “Patient Zeta” in last year’s industry HIV case, managed to show up for his arraignment in Murietta last month, but was MIA for his hotly anticipated appearance yesterday at UCLA School of Public Health. Burts had originally been scheduled to discuss the dangers of the adult industry, which he has blamed for his unfortunate contraction of the virus that causes AIDS since joining forces with AHF, but failed to show up at the seminar on Tuesday, October 11. No word yet on why he was absent, but we wonder if it might have anything to do with the oustanding warrants for his arrest in two California counties, or if his questionable allegiance to AHF (which has promised to pay his medical bills in exchange for his support) has been called into the light a little too harshly for his taste. We won’t say we’re sorry, however, as we’ve felt for some time now that Burts’s suspicious behavior around the time of his positive test and his track record with running afoul of the law should throw his disillusioned-innocent demeanor into a very harsh spotlight indeed.

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