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Derrick Burts Wants Mandatory Condoms


(NL-Derek Burts aka “Cameron Reid” and gay films as “Derrick Chambers)

Yesterday, the UCLA Reproductive Health Interest Group (RHIG), Queers for Public Health, and Law Students for Reproductive Justice hosted performer/marketing guru Rob Romoni, director Chris Steele, AHF attorney Brian Chase, and HIV-positive former performer Derrick Burts at a “Condom Use in the Adult Film Industry” meeting. Steele, Romoni, and Burts all expressed their strong support of HIV testing and condom use in porn, with Burts going so far as to say that condoms should be “mandatory.” Burts, you’ll recall, claims he acquired HIV on a set where condoms were used. (This quote from the LATimes-Burts says he may have contracted the disease during a gay porn shoot in Florida. He said the performers used condoms during intercourse but not during oral sex.) Steele, an executive at Jet Set Men, admitted that changing industry practices isn’t their main objective, but that Jet Set is “doing what we’re doing and we hope we lead by example.”

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