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Desi & Ellie Foxx, Back in the Spotlight, suing AIM

Desi & Ellie Foxx have filed a lawsuit against AIM for lack of privacy concerning their medical records and deceptive practices.

Seems like they just can’t stay out of the headlines. Missing the spotlight I guess, and the money. “They” held a press conference at the offices of, surprise, surprise, AIDS Healthcare Foundation!

According to a story on Xbiz– “Once I was in the adult industry for a while, I realized there were several issues that weren’t being addressed,”” Desi” said.

“Desi” says that in order to work, she was tested several times at AIM. She was required to pay for those tests and had to sign release-of-information forms. She says AIM then made her test results available online for adult producers.

“With this lawsuit,” Desi says, “we hope to stop AIM from violating our and other patients’ legal rights.”

NL- (I will preface this by saying it is only a rumor but I have 1st hand emails to back it up) This is one of several cases where AIDS Healthcare Foundation finds “victims” and offers to “help” them if they back AHF’s causes.

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