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Desi Foxx is a Sociopath says Webmaster

NL- I corresponded with the writer of this document twice and then the third and fourth e-mail I sent him bounced back to me. This makes me suspicious. So I am posting this with reservations as to it’s origin and its truthfulness. At this time please consider it OPINION, and GOSSIP only. If “Webmaster” at the Foxxes writes me again and I can confirm that he is who he says he is, Stefan, I will let you know. If Desi would like to write me with her side I will post that also.


You can consider this an FYI or a scoop or whatever. I’ve been nosing around
some of the blogs and came across your name. Thought you might be interested
to hear the “other side” of the Desi Foxx, “” story.

I am one of the guys, Stefan, that “Desi Foxx” is bashing in all
kinds of ways.

Here’s the facts on what is really going on. (at least from our side)

1. Desi’s (her real name is (REMOVED) – for accuracy sake) domain, was NOT stolen from her. She knows this and has been clouding
or simply lying about a lot of things in order to seem like a victim.

The domain name is still hers. The reason that the registrant/tech info is
currently in my name is because – well, I am (god I wish I weren’t) the site
admin. I had to change the site from her isp (which doesn’t allow adult
content) to one that does. The changeover is still in process, though who
knows what trouble she is causing. She already once caused an issue which
caused the domain to fall into “redemption”. I couldn’t change the
information right now if I wanted. The domain, thanks to her screwing
around, is in some limbo state. If I were able to do anything, the first
thing would be to make my contact info anonymous. Makes sense,
Assuming she doesn’t cause more trouble, (haha) the site registrar info will
move to the new ISP. If so, it has to stay there for 60 days. A site can’t
be shifted more frequently than that. *But the domain name is still hers.*

2. Since she is unable to pay the most basic of bills, I actually covered
the costs of all the transfers, the new web space, etc. That’s actually the
main reason that the information is all currently in my name. It had to be,
for billing purposes.

I’ll say it again: I AM NOT CLAIMING HER DOMAIN. I seem to be unable to get
this through her thick skull – or more likely, it is a more dramatic story
for her and her “woes that aren’t ever her fault”.

3. From day one, working with her has been a nightmare. She has only the
most basic notions about business and had/has a very inflated idea about her
worth. This has been the crux of many problems. To be honest, I’ve seen kids
running lemonade stands with more business sense than her.

4. Patrick and I invested a lot of our personal money and time into
creating the site, shooting content, authoring the DVD, creating merchant
accounts, putting duplication and shipping into place. We are the ones that
actually take the processed orders and physically pack and ship those damn
discs out on a daily basis. This is but one thing that “poor stressed Desi”
just hasn’t had to even think about.

5. We are supposedly equal “partners” in this venture. It was not a ‘work
for hire’. Her part of the deal was to promote the DVD and website. Haha.
Funny, eh?

6. Desi took a great opportunity (the Howard Stern show) and blew it – in a
way like I have never seen. I have seen bad business moves, but she takes
the cake. Instead of pricing the disc at something reasonable she had very
crazy notions about her value. Patrick and I made the huge mistake of
staying at the crazy prices she was demanding for a little while.
Unfortunately, rather than a “we tried it your way, now let’s try something
else” situation, this gave her a grandiose notion that she was ‘in control’
of the partnership.

6. When the disc wasn’t selling at her exorbitant price, and we suggested
lowering it, she went into orbit; convinced that we were crooks, thieves,
liars and a host of other things. Almost immediately, she went to other
people to try to do a side deal. She even wrote about it on her blog. She
made no bones about cutting us out in what would have been an illegal and
unethical move. To be honest, we would have been okay with this if she could
actually have come up with money to cover our costs. The word “Ethics” and
the name (Desi Foxx) should obviously not be in the same
sentence. How she has uses Elli to get in the spotlight should have been an
obvious clue for me on this. Call me a slow learner.

Every single potential “investor” that has spoken with us has run in the
opposite direction when they become aware of what Desi Foxx is
really like. If only I had the same warning before I got involved with her
on this thing!

7. When she suddenly decided to “retire”, she left us holding the bag. She
never told us about this; she didn’t give a damn what it would mean to us
financially. We (Patrick and myself) are into this for serious money and
time – and she just decided to walk away. At that point, the contract had
been breached by her in a number of ways. Now she was simply walking away
(or trying to do some deal behind our backs). We realized that we had to
take the situation into our own hands and do what we could to recoup some of
our money. Lowering the price of the DVD was the most obvious thing. No
rocket science there. However, rather than let us do our best on that – she
wanted to stop everything.

In other words, she was saying, “sorry you lost all your money, but I don’t
want to play anymore. Oh and you can’t play either even though you bought
the ball.”

8. It should be noted that Patrick’s company has copyright to all the
materials on the site – including the still photos, etc. of her. She is
under the false impression that she has the copyright because of some poor
wording in the deal memo we signed (the same one she breached and nullified,
by the way) Though she does own the domain, the website itself – the
content, the DVD, etc. does not belong to her. All the 2257s etc. belong to
Patrick’s company.

9. Through all of this, in spite of her (I believe true) insanity and purely
self-centered intents, we (Patrick and I) STILL have not done anything
We are maintaining the site as best as possible IN SPITE of Diana. If and
when any money is due her, believe it or not – we will actually pay it.

The bottom line is that we are in the midst of a freakin’ nightmare. The
woman is a monster and I wish I’d never laid eyes on her.
She is slandering us, she is printing our names. She is causing major
“tortious interference” by telling people not to buy the DVD and making
claims that there might be credit card fraud involved. She is the worst sort
of person – a self centered sociopath who has no compunction about breaking
the law and then claiming others are doing it.

This is not mere obfuscation. She is out and out lying about many things. I
cannot imagine that even in her severely delusional state that she doesn’t
know what she is doing.

The truly frustrating thing about all of this is if we had put together a
business venture that didn’t work out after honest effort, I would be bummed
— but I would chalk up the losses as something that simply didn’t pay out.
This isn’t what happened here. From day one, Diana Grandmaison (Desi Foxx)
has been shooting us and herself in the feet. She has been our biggest
single liability.

I hope this serves as some kind of warning to others.

So – there you have it. Contact me if you want and feel free to ask me any

Best regards,


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