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Desi Foxx is back in the biz & blogging again

From her new blog

Desi Foxx Writes-

I feel like I’m starting from scratch again yet our lives continue on as normal in so many ways. We moved into a nice apartment outside the city where the rent is very good and it’s country like I’m used to. Except there’s mountains all around now so the view is much better. We are still close enough to work and play in LA and we realized we only need to be in town a couple times a week so why live there. The rent is almost a third of what we used to pay and the food and gas is cheaper too. Elli did her homework on this one!!

I had a shoot on Saturday, a bj scene which was hilarious. I was a pissed off wife who caught her husband doing the secretary and end up giving him a bj while fighting over him with the girl lol. Good company, easy shoot and met some cool  people who’ve been in the industry for some time. I continue to schedule shoots, both adult and mainstream, and it feels good to keep busy and get back to work.

While I was at my shoot, Elli and a friend looked for and found a car for us. It took most of what we had left after the move but it was worth it to get a decent car of our own. We have checks coming in again as we’re both working so can afford this now as well with our new rent. The car gets great gas mileage and is a cute smaller 4 door so still has room for friends. It was Elli’s first car purchase and she did real good. She also had a guy with her to make sure it was in good running condition

Yesterday, we just relaxed. We didn’t have cable or internet so we rented a ton of movies and watched alot of South Park lol. Elli’s determined to make sure I see them all  We were unpacked and settled in for the time being so it was nice to have a normal day off for a change.

It’s still a busy life we lead. We are negotiating to settle our DVD/Website dispute but I try not to dwell on it. It will work it’s way out in the normal course of business, I have to believe that. Today, we scheduled 2 casting calls and accepted an appearance on a reality type show.  I continue to schedule porn shoots and work toward getting a website going again. Plenty of work to be done there and I’m learning alot along the way.
And I finally have my blog back. I decided it was best to move on with this as well rather than wait on the clearance of my other domains. This was the name of my blog all along and I was thrilled to see I could purchase the domain for it. I still have to add pics and such so excuse any weird codes and irrelevant sentence for now lol. This was what I had in backup and it still needs work. I figure we will move on from here for now so at least I’m back up and writing!!

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