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Desi Foxx Is Getting “Pay Back” on her blog- Posting Home Addresses!

NL-Desi Foxx has had a controversial stint in porn, starting with being in x-rated movies with her daughter, public online fights with her business partners, working at the Bunny Ranch & her departure with the help of Shelley Lubben & The Pink Cross. Desi often accused porners of stalking her, stealing from her, threatening her and more. My guess is her blog post is just the beginning of Desi’s”Pay Backs”

Are They Shooting Porn In Your Neighborhood??

by Desi Foxx from

I decided to publish this list of addresses in Los Angeles and surrounding areas so everyone can see where they shoot porn everyday there. Many of these addresses are homes in neighborhoods where families live and children play. Most don’t bother to apply for and get the required permits to shoot porn in their homes. Did you know that a permit is required for ALL shoot locations, whether for porn or for mainstream productions?? Did you know that the owners of the properties must ask ALL neighbors in their area for permission to shoot porn in their homes??

They don’t get permits in most cases because they know their neighbors wouldn’t approve. They don’t apply for permits because they don’t want regulators to know where they are shooting. If they aren’t doing anything wrong, why do they hide what they’re doing and where they’re doing it?? This list has been forwarded to the proper authorities so they do know what’s going on and where it’s all happening. Help enforce the laws that we have by filing a complaint if you find porn being produced in your neighborhood or business district. The authorities can’t do anything if no one cares to speak up.

Would you like abusive sex acts to be performed in your neighborhood, next to your home?? If not, check out this list to see if your neighborhood is affected. If so, call your local police department and report suspicious activities. Watch for multiple cars, unloading of large and multiple cases used to carry production equipment in. Watch for groups of people coming and going, especially women pulling suitcases behind them. These are all signs that a porn production is happening near you!!

(NL-There is a list of home addresses here in Desi’s blog but I don’t post personal info, so as much as I hate sending my traffic somewhere else that is  what i must do in this case, because I know you all want to see-

This is just the list of buildings I know are used for porn production. We all know there are more. These are supposed to be legitimate business addresses so can be legally published in a public forum. If they aren’t legitimately permited, their problem, not mine

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