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Destiny Lovee Shines on

Fast rising new star Destiny Lovee @russianlovee recently completed work on her first major marketing campaign with a unique multi-platform cross marketing media blitz that saw her host the wildly popular Snap Chat Porn Star Take over, sit down for an extensive and exclusive in depth interview, accompanied with an exclusive video and photo shoot, {the first of its kind in the industry} with

“We at the XCritic family simply love showcasing the new stars of the adult world to the many fans across the globe.” says Don Juan DeMarko @xcritic. “Working with Destiny was simply a dream from start to finish. There is always something so special about a performer who has the passion that she has, that she demonstrated so seductively on the XCritic Porn Star Takeover Series. We simply cannot wait to see what she has planned next”

“Being asked to host the Porn Star Snap Chat take over was such an honor.” Says Destiny, adding: I wanted to do something special as a way to say Thank you for the opportunity. I went thru my emails and DM’s and chose the most popular outfit and we did a sexy clip and some very naughty photos to accompany the interview.”

The exclusive video and photos will be posted on on October 26th, 2018, with the interview to follow shortly after.

“It’s important for me to give back. Explains Lovee, Just being in this industry was such an impossible dream a short time ago, any chance I have to interact with my fans on such awesome platforms like I intend to try and make each opportunity special.”

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