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Devon- Deleted comment/added new one

THIS HAS BEEN REMOVED from Devon’s Myspace blog-  The rumors were that i was raped, by jack venice, who is now serving life in prison 4 raping a collage girl, in i think, sandiego, n also that there was very severe physical, n verball abouse, all of wich is indeed true. even the owners of the company shanes world, new about it, yet did nothing….that would b y i never did another movie 4 shanes world. if u get a chance, check out their site, they r still promting jack venice, who has been convicted of rape, n is now serving a life sentance. will not be up 4 paroll 4 at least 10 years….so karma really is a bitch, cuz it came back around n got that piece of shit! xoxo, Devon.


But the below comment has been added by Devon

Yep…karma truly is a fuckin bitch! Least 4 Mr. Venice!! Lol!! Thats gonna SUCK 4 him, if hes gotta take showers with the other inmates! (think ya all know what im talkin bout there! Lol!) Anyway, Thank u, 2 everyone who has sent me kind messages, & comments about that situation…Much Luv! xoxo, Devon.

Posted by D E V O N on Wednesday, May 13, 2009 – 1:39 PM
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