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Devon Died? -Reader Mail

READER E-MAIL-I was wondering if Devon died. There are some rumors going around about it. I believe she was with DP. This is her: I heard it from a co-worker and a few other people. I was really curious. A friend of hers said he saw her  a few months ago. NL-Her myspace page is inactive since Jan 26, 2008 and says – D E V O N sleeping. Her profile is set to private so I can’t read her page or see who her friends are. The newest movie I can find her in is Shane’s World California Dreaming, but there is no production date on the trailer, but  Paulina james is in it also, so we know it was shot before March 15, 2008 because that is when Paulina  left the biz  because she was pregnant. D E V O N sleeping…  Kinda spooky. Anyone know her and can check on her?

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