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Diamond Jackson writes me a Lust Letter

by Diamond Jackson  of

Diamond writes me a Lust Letter, I think she should give Penthouse Forum a try…

Diamond says-I am in a hotel room horny.  This will help that problem… Here goes… You and I have just gotten back to your place from watching the movie “Sex And The City”.  You invite me in for a night cap.  After fixing our drinks you sit down beside me.  You notice that I have been into you the whole night so you sit real close to me. 

I began to caress your thighs. I come in for some nice soft kisses and start to touch you all over loving your sensual curves.  I remove your top and bra then place my hands on your breast playing with your nipples which makes them very hard.  They look so good, I just have to put my mouth on them to have a taste.  I put my fingers down into your panties with my other hand as I still play with your breast. 

I go back to giving you more hot wet passionate kisses.  Hearing you moan turns me on even more knowing that you are getting very aroused.  I push on your shoulder for you to lay back and relax.  I’m looking into your beautiful eyes as you watch me slowly pull your panties off and separate your legs wide. 

You are so moist and ready for my tongue to taste your sugar walls.  I work my magic tasting deep inside you to get all your flavor.  I see your luscious body go into orgasmic convulsions. You come all in my mouth and I swallow it down knowing that you are satisfied which turns me on even more. That is what I would like to do to you Sexy Cindi, I’m sending you a pic attached. 

Kisses and Licks to ya…. Diamond Jackson

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