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Diamond Jewelz Returns

From the PR release:

Dimond Jewelz makes her first public appearance in four weeks this evening at “Party Like a Pornstar” after recovering from an accident.

Diamond Jewelz is back working in the salt mines of adult after tearing up the Telemundo airwaves and generally kicking major mainstream butt. “I was just too much for them,” she said with a sly smile on her face. She also had a nasty encounter with concrete and metal shortly after Telemundo’s “12 Corazones” and “Jose Luis Sin Censura” aired in July.

“It’s not what you think,” she snipped, dripping with attitude. “I didn’t do a crew of metal workers or bricklayers (lol). “I had an argument with a flight of stairs and for the first time something unexpected shut me up and I landed on my knucklehead.”

In reality, while waiting for a friend to pick her up for lunch on a very hot day, she wasn’t hydrated, got dizzy and fell headfirst down a stairway, hitting herself square in the forehead. She lay unconscious until a trauma team arrived and took her to the hospital.

Once at the hospital, tests revealed a concussion in addition to bruising. “I have nothing going on upstairs anyway, so there was nothing much to damage.”

Doctors had a hard time keeping her still on the bed while running tests. “I just can’t lay still when I’m on a bed,” she said laughing.

When she was cleared to leave, she pulled out all her IV’s and marched out the door with some clothes still hanging off her. All the doctor could do was scratch his head and walk away confused.

The worst was yet to come when she got home and had to spend the next four weeks having what she called “raccoon face” staring back at her in the mirror. The bruises left both eyes black and during her recuperation she kept lamenting that if she had to look like a “nose job” victim, at least she could have had the job.

With her vanity also bruised, it was tough, but her “down on the stairs” experience gave her time to plan her next video victims. When some poor slobs even broke into the place she was staying, she literally kicked their butts right back out the door and two of the foursome were last seen limping away. Unfortunately for them her brother was a kickboxing champion.

“I’m now ready to dish out more to adult companies…I may start my own line and bruise some nasty motherfuckers who deserve it.”

Dimond Jewelz immediate plans and future projects will be announced shortly.

“Party Like A Pornstar” is being held at Boardner’s nightclub in Hollywood from 9:30 PM until 2:00 AM, 1652 North Cherokee Ave., in Hollywood.

Further information on Dimond Jewelz is available on A website is currently being planned.

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