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Diamond Kitty- Exclusive Interview

Diamond Kitty isn’t a well-known name yet. Even though she is a sexy Latin beauty and has done over a hundred movies for the big companies (like Digital Playground, Evil Angel, & Penthouse), you might not recognize her if you saw her. She’s kept a low profile. She doesn’t do much of the porn party scene. She lives in Miami, not L.A. So far she’s flown under the radar. That is all going to change this year, starting right now! This cover, layout and interview are Diamond Kitty’s splash onto the scene. She’s expanded her talent into writing and has been doing movie and toy reviews. Diamond has hired a publicist, Erica Icon. Diamond has signed exclusively with Shy Love at Adult Talent Management to represent her. A lot of exciting things are happening with Diamond, and just recently a huge secret was finally made public on by Diamond herself….
Photos by Richard Kent
Interview by Cindi Loftus
Porn Stars Finally Admit they are Sisters! (From
Not Luke says: – After being told that they look alike many times, they have decided to tell everyone their secret that yes, they are related, in fact they are sisters! My friend, reviewer & porn starlet, Diamond Kitty has told me for a while now that she had a secret that she wanted to share. She finally told me all in a few emails-
Diamond writes: – “Everyone is always saying how much Shy Love and I resemble each other and they wonder if we are sisters. Well the answer to that is YES, indeed we are half sisters with the same dad, different moms. Our dad was Sicilian, her mom is Puerto Rican and my mom is Cuban. Shy was born in Germany and I was born in Miami. I knew about her and my other siblings, but never meet her until I was 10 and she was 16 when she came to Florida for college on her freshman year.”
“My Dad didn’t raise me. But I didn’t care much because my mom got married when she was pregnant and my step-dad raised me, he is a great man and I love him to death. I always knew about my big sister, when she came to live in Florida for 8 years we saw each other once in a while.”
“The reason why we didn’t want to say anything in public before was because we had some issues with each other.  I wanted to get into the adult industry and be a well know performer like my sister. So I asked for her help to get into porn. Shy got mad and refused to help me because she didn’t want me to do porn.”
“But I did it anyway.  I searched for agencies and I remembered she started with LA Direct so I started out with them. After two years I talked to September at “A List” and she said that she was going to help me. When I finally decided to go to “A List” she had already merged her agency with Shy so I ate my pride and went to see my sister for help, and this time said yes.”
“We love each other and we now get along great. After talking about it we figured that no matter what we will always be sisters and we need each other. Now our relationship is excellent and we are very happy to be together again.”
Cindi: I want to thank you for sharing your secret with me before you told anyone else. And let everyone know that we did this interview before your story about being Shy’s sister broke.
Diamond: Yes, and you are very welcome!
So look out everybody, Diamond Kitty is gonna shine bright in 2011! Here’s our interview-
Adult Fun: So you are in Miami now as I talk to you. And you were born and raised there, correct?
Diamond: Yes, I was born and raised here.
AF: I expected you to have more of a Spanish accent.
D: I DO! Well sometimes. I do more when I try to talk really fast. But I am calm now.
AF: You write with a Spanish accent. (Diamond does movie & toy reviews for When I read your reviews I can hear you talking to me with a Spanish accent. But I don’t hear as much accent in your voice. So I guess you will have to talk dirty to me in Spanish.
D: I will baby.
AF: You are so nice all the time, to everyone.
D: I am usually nice. But sometimes I have to stand up for myself and be not as nice. This guy came into where I was featuring last night and brought eighty pictures for me to sign and he wanted to pay me ten dollars to do it. I said are you kidding me? Because other people were waiting and I didn’t want them to leave. I didn’t want to be rude, but I wasn’t gonna sign eighty pictures for ten dollars.
AF: So he can turn around and sell them on E-bay.
D: Yes. I have seen them sell the signed pictures on E-bay for forty dollars. I am a dancer and do movies, but I am also a businesswoman.
AF: Yes, and you are smart too. So you were born and raised in Miami and you are still there. You must love Miami.
D: I do, but it’s been cold lately. I was in L.A. last week and it was a little bit cold and I couldn’t wait to get home to be in the warm weather, and when I got here it was colder than L.A.!
AF: What were you doing in L.A.?
D: I was shooting.
AF: What did you shoot?
D: I did a boy/girl for Mike Adriano for the site BangBros.
AF: Was your scene with Mike also?
D: Yes, I shot with Mike.
AF: He’s a lucky guy.
D: He is and he is really nice too. He’s a sweetheart.
AF: How did the scene go?
D: It was awesome. I love working with him. He’s really good.
AF: I still laugh when someone in porn says “I love working with him.” When working means fucking.
D: (Laughs) But this is my job! Like I tell everybody all the time. It’s a little bit different, from your regular 8 to 4 job, but hey this is my job. Don’t hate on it. (Laughs)
AF: And the other saying is “I would really like to work with, say Jesse Jane” Meaning I would really like to fuck Jesse Jane and get paid for it. (Laughs)
D: (Laughs)
AF: So who would you like to work with that you haven’t?
D: She’s not in the industry now, but Tera Patrick. The other one I wanted was Jesse Jane, and guess what? That is how I got my break into the industry. My first scene was with Jesse. I absolutely adore her.
AF: Wow, I just interviewed her and put up the interview on my site. She’s gorgeous.
D: I was feature dancing and I saw Jesse’s magazine yesterday and it’s beautiful.
AF: Thank you! How did you like shooting with Richard for the magazine?
D: Oh I loved it. He’s a sweetheart.
AF: Tell me about your feature dancing.
D: Well last night I was dancing here in Miami and it was great. Even the owner of the club came to see me. He was really nice and funny. I was playing with dollars and oil. It’s a game called stick it. You have to smack the money on my butt. And the owner put it on his forehead, so I took the money and smacked his forehead. And for doing that he told me I had to give him a kiss. So I gave him a kiss but he already had lipstick marks on his face. So I told him he was wanting a kiss not because I smacked him, but because he was a flirt.
AF: So you have oil on your butt, and someone slaps your ass with a dollar and it sticks. Is that how it works?
D: Yes.
AF: How big is your butt? How many dollars can fit?  (Laughs)
D: (Laughs) Once someone smacks my butt I’ll take the dollar off. I have a nice butt.
AF: You do. It’s perfect.
D: Thank you baby.
AF: You have gorgeous boobs and a very pretty face too.
D: Thank you. I love my boobies.
AF: We love your boobies too. You shot for Brazzers yesterday, right?
D: For Bra-zzers? Yes.
AF: Okay I am saying it wrong.
D: Bra-zzers, think of a bra.
AF: What did you shot for them?
D: I did a boy/girl anal for guess what?
AF: What?
D: Big Wet Butts. I don’t have a huge ass but I did get cast for big asses.
AF: And since your butt was wet they could have stuck dollars on it.
D: Yeah, (laughs) you are so bad.
AF: So who was the guy?
D: It was a new guy from down here, Chris and it was my first time working with him. He was good though, even though it was cold. He was handling his wood really good.
AF: Did you have sex outside?
D: No, but the whole house was really cold, because the whole back of the house was sliding glass doors and we couldn’t have the heater on because of the noise.
AF: That’s not something we as fans think of, it’s freezing cold and the guy still has to keep his dick hard.
D: A lot of people don’t know what we go through when we are shooting. They just see the final project.
AF: That’s why I like to watch the behind the scenes. Sometimes you see what it is really like. “Oh, OH, OH (CUT!) Can I have a glass of water and a baby wipe, I got cum in my eye.”
D: (Laughs)
AF: So you did anal yesterday, that’s hard.
D: Not really.
AF: What do you do to prepare for anal?
D: I try not to eat anything the day before after eight p.m. and if I eat something it will be Gummy Bears and water. And then I do a warm water enema at night and in the morning.
AF: That’s a lot of work. And I hope you don’t do too many anals because that isn’t a very good diet.
D: That’s a great way to keep me in shape, sugar, water and workout.
AF: How many movies have you done so far?
D: Could be over a hundred now.
AF: When did you start?
D: August 2008
AF: Did you start out working at a club being a dancer? Usually adult performers are a dancer, then a feature, and than a porn star.
D: No. My story was different. Four years ago I started doing web cams and I met Robby D, the director from Digital Playground. He came on my site and was talking to me. One day he emailed me and showed me that he was legit. So I went and looked at the site, then he got a web cam and showed me that it was him. They were shooting Pirates 2 at that time. He had Riley and Shay Jordan there who said hi and they were really nice. Robby asked me if I wanted to work for them he would give me my first job. I thought about it for a little bit and then said okay. So I went to L.A. Well my first scene was with Jesse and we did a girl/girl for Breathe Me. And I did a solo. And I did my first boy/girl anal and it was with my husband, I did two anals with him.
AF: What name does your husband use?
D: He doesn’t really perform. He just did that with me and he does for my site, and he goes by Johnny Cuba. He is very handsome and I love him, he supports me 110% I mean we get into an argument once in a while because I like to spend a lot of money. But he keeps me on a leash. (Laughs)
AF: Everyone gets in a fight once in a while.
D: He says, “You’re not spending anything.”
AF: Smart man. So you worked for Digital Playground first with Jesse. You started at the top!
D: Yes, yes, yes. It was great. I did those four scenes and I didn’t know if I was going to stay in the industry. Robby told me the best way to make it in the industry was to make it by myself, not all the time boy/girl with my husband. I thought about it and that’s true. And my husband was cool with it for me to be on my own. But I took a break for four or five months. Then I went to L.A. and signed with L.A. Direct and I did twenty-two movies that month.
AF: Oh my god!
D: Derek (owner of L.A. Direct Models) was like; you’ve got to take a break. So I took a week off and I went home to Miami. Then I would take a week or ten days out of a month to go to L.A. to shoot. Then I stopped for six months and I changed my agency to Shy Love.
AF: How do you like Shy?
D: I love her. She is adorable.
AF: I’m glad and I hope she is getting you lots of work.
D: Oh yes, I have been on two trips to L.A. because I try to go every month. And every time I go I get the whole week booked.
AF: That’s great! Did you ever think of moving to LA?
D: No I have all my family down here.
AF: There is too much going on in LA. It’s too crazy. Too much traffic.
D: And I’m not a party animal.
AF: And when you get out there everyone expects you to be one. I like Florida better then LA. But California is beautiful with the mountains and the ocean.
D: Yeah. It is.
AF: So far we have learned that you do movies, you feature dance, and you like to spend money.
D: A lot. (Cracks up) And I like to masturbate too.
AF: When I told twitter that I was going to interview you a fan wanted to know what your favorite toy was.
D: The Pocket Rocket.
AF: That’s mine too.
D: They are great! A friend of mine sent me a package full of gifts and there were two pocket rockets and I was so excited, so I was trying them and I used them already. (Diamond is talking about me) I tried both of them the same night, back and forth.
AF: I’m glad you liked them. You seem like you are always a happy positive person.
D: I am
AF: You can even tell it in your reviews. Some of the guys that write them are so grumpy.
D: You know why? I guess since I am in the industry and I know what happens back stage before the final product is out, it’s a lot harder for me to be rude. You know what I’m saying? From someone who is not in the industry, and they just watch the movies and give everyone their thoughts. I know what goes into the production. I try to be nice.
AF: You are always in a good mood, and bubbly, plus you have a cute sexy little voice.
D: Thank you.
AF: I don’t want to get off the subject though because you brought it up. Masturbating. So I guess you do that a lot.
D: Yes. A lot. Probably once a day.
AF: How often do you have sex when it’s not on camera?
D: You mean with my husband. If I really let him, he would be fucking me four or five times a day. But I don’t have time for that. I try to give him something everyday, but at least four times a week. People think because I am in porn I am fucking 24/7.
AF: And you’re not? (Laughs) Do you still do web cam?
D: Yes. I work on StreamMate. (
AF: What are the best and worst things about your job?
D: The best thing is everything. I really love my job, and if you do good you get recognition and in the long run you are paid off. On the other hand, I have to go to LA and leave my family so that’s the hardest. When I am home I’m not a porn star. I’m not a porn star 24/7. When I am done with my set and I am back to life I am a normal girl. I don’t like to go out to a strip club or be a diva. I lay low. If I go to the mall I don’t wear makeup.
AF: Do you get recognized when you go out?
D: Yes. When I go out I do.
AF: How about at the grocery store?
D: No. I am usually with my husband, so I guess the guys are afraid and they don’t come up to me. But the other day I went to the mall by myself to buy some shoes for feature dancing and the sales guy said, you look so familiar. Finally he said, are you Diamond Kitty? And he was literally shaking. And I said, ahhh yes. What am I gonna say? I didn’t have time to think about it. He says OH MY GOD I AM SUCH A BIG A FAN OF YOURS! I said shhh, shhh. Then I ran out to my car and called my husband and told him someone just recognized me and I’m so freaked out!
AF: I’m sure he was more afraid of you then you are of him. And he probably went home and masturbated.
D: I’m sure he did.
AF: And he’ll probably read this story and tell all his friends that we are talking about him.
D: (Laughs)
AF: If someone didn’t know who you were and they wanted to see your best movie, which one should they get?
D: I really don’t know, because I don’t watch my movies…
AF: (Laughs) Why don’t you watch your movies?
D: I don’t have time. I really don’t like to watch my own movies because I am really harsh on myself. I am always trying to do better and improve. If I watch my movies I will be thinking about what I should have done, and I don’t want that. I just want to work and have fun and give the best of myself.
AF: I get it. Lots of girls say that. I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t want to watch myself have sex and I don’t look anywhere near as good as you. These pictures of you are amazingly gorgeous by the way. You and Richard did a terrific job on them. 
D: Thank you!
AF: Do you have any fetishes?
D: Not really. But I like balls.
AF: You like balls? Well I am sure your husband enjoys that.
D: It’s not something like I will kill you just to have your testicles…
AF: (Cracks up) What do you like to do with balls?
D: (Laughs) Just squiz them.
AF: Okay, there is the accent! There are people that will pay you for that. What is the wildest sex you ever had?
D: Well this isn’t wild, but it’s crazy. We fucked my neighbor’s wife.
AF: What?
D: (Laughs) My husband and I used to live somewhere else and our neighbor was a truck driver and every time he would leave we would fuck his wife. It was really funny because she wasn’t bi-sexual.  We were friends. One day my husband asked me, do you really want to fuck her and I said yeah, but she’s not into girls. So he said I will be right back. He went, he knocked on her door and told her, Me & Diamond are going to masturbate in a little bit if you want to come and masturbate with us. And she said okay.
AF: That was pretty smart of him to ask her that way.
D: Uh huh. She said okay I’ll be there in a little while. And she did come over and guess what? She started to masturbate and I helped her with her toy, and I worked my way in!
AF: So you brought her out of the closet and she was bi-sexual after that.
D: I don’t know but I know I had a good time.
AF: So do you still fuck her?
D: No, we moved and I haven’t seen her in a year.
AF: Did it only happen one time?
D: No, it happened like four times.
AF: I think she liked it.
D: Yeah.
AF: Wow, you are a troublemaker.
D: Kind of.
AF: You are funny , and you tell good stories also. That must be why you are so popular on web cam.
D: Yeah. I love role-playing.
AF: Do you talk dirty well?
D: Yeah. Watch my movies.
AF: Do you talk dirty in Spanish too?
D: Yeah Mama. They like that a lot.
AF: I think it’s sexy. You would be sexy no matter what you said.
D: Ah, thank you baby.
AF: You’re welcome Baby. And you are a little flirt on twitter too.
D: Sometimes… But sometimes I don’t have time. But they should thank my husband because he is the one who posts all the naughty pictures up on there. I do all the chatting.
AF: Well that gets you new fans too, because they see how hot you are. You’re website isn’t up right now, correct?
D: No, because we are working on updating it all. There will be an opening page up and it will be coming soon at
AF: You have a message for your fans?
D: Keep watching my movies and masturbating to them, and hey, don’t eat your cum, save it for me! DiamondKittyXXX


“Of course when Cindi asked to interview me I said yes,” says Diamond Kitty. “I love her and she has really helped me with my career. I’m really particular about who I give exclusive interviews to, but Xcitement is definitely a magazine at the top of my list. They only cover the biggest and rising stars in Adult.”
“I love Diamond Kitty,” says Cindi Loftus, head writer at Xcitement, “Her personality just shines. She is kind, lovable, big hearted and funny. When you find out she is amazingly beautiful, that makes her the complete package. And the fact that she talked dirty to me in our interview just made her even hotter in my eyes!”
All requests for interviews, appearances, magazine placement and general inquiries about Diamond Kitty should be directed to Erika Icon of The Rub PR via email [email protected] or telephone 213.407.0303. To book Diamond Kitty for movies or modeling, contact Shy Love at Adult Talent Management via email [email protected] or phone 818.825.1239.


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