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Diana at LaBella- You’ve Got Mail!-UPDATE

UPDATE- I’ve just received three emails from friends of mine that run websites, they are also getting Diana’s email, and the note I tried to send to Diana also went to them. WOW. Someone is really messing with her.


Or  to correct that, actually I’ve got mail, but it’s YOURS!

This is a first for me. My usually overflowing email box was even more so today. Seems I have a bunch of Diana’s email. HOW? I have no idea.

My guess is that someone hacked her account somehow and redirected it to me.

BUT the even weirder thing is the mail is coming to HER email address, but being delivered to my box.

I found that out when I emailed Diana to let her know that I would be forwarding all these emails to her, and the email I sent to her came right back to my box. The other email that I have for her  comes back undeliverable. I went on twitter to tell her, and she no longer has an account.

SO the only way to let Diana know that somehow I have a bunch of her email ( most of it is just about changing her password on Facebook) is on LIB. So Diana, email me cindi at lukeisback dot com and we’ll figure out what to do with this. If you have a tech guy maybe he can tell us what happened and fix it.

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