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Diane Duke No Shows at Inside The Industry

James Bartholet did his radio show last night.

His guests were announced earlier to be Joanne & Diane Duke from the Free Speech Coalition. James says, “They backed out at the last minute” saying their schedule didn’t allow it. Joanne is going to call in instead.

If you’d like to listen to the show here is the link


by James Bartholet-
The evening started with an audio clip provided by Mike South, where Mr. Marcus made an apology for what has transpired. Not condoning what Mr. Marcus did, because it was really wrong, but it took a lot of courage for him to come forward and admit this and apologize.
It got a bit heated at times, a definite change from the usual light hearted but entertaining and informative format from the previous weekly broadcasts, but this is something that needed addressing.
Thanks again to Mike Kulich from Monarchy Distribution and award winning performer Lexington Steele for coming in to the studio with James Bartholet for the broadcast.
Diane Duke was a no show on the live broadcast, but we thank Joanne Cachapero from the Free Speech Coalition for calling in and talking to us, and all of the listeners out there who tuned in last night. Some people think there was some side stepping on the questions posed, but Joanne tried to answer all the questions. Draw your own conclusions.
We invite anyone from Manwin to come on next month and give us their views on all of this.
Also, thank you to all of the fans and supporters of our industry who are sticking by us.
We all want to get back to work as soon as possible.
This is not the end of the adult industry, we’ve gotten thru a lot of stuff in the past, and we’ll get thru this.
There’s been a lot of finger pointing and rumors swirling about, but if there’s any time we need solidarity in the adult industry, it’s now.

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