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Diane Lane JOKES about trainwreck caused by texting

MovieFone does a 15 question interview with mainstream actress Diane Lane. You can read the whole thing at the above link.

MovieFone asks-

4. Are you officially taking some time off … ?

And Diane Lane answers….

I can’t do anything official. My agents won’t let me [laughter]. As soon as you say that you’re taking some time off, you sort of attract work. I don’t know what that’s about, so I better not say anything. Between you and me, I don’t have anything else coming out, and I’m just gonna be taking my kids to driving school and mak[ing] sure they don’t cause any trainwrecks with their texting.

NL-Is this supposed to be a joke? I mean it’s one thing to make a sick joke to some friends. But after 25 people died in Chatsworth, I think it’s disgusting that she would say something like that in an interview she knows will be posted on line and read by the general public.

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