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Dick Delaware/Aaron Brink-Exclusive Interview & Pics- He Looks HOT!


Dick looks fantastic! This very revealing  interview with Dick Delaware does mention names, so all opinions in the answers are his. Welcome back Dick!

1. What year did you start in porn and what was your first movie? my first scene was in December 2002 with Candice Jackson/Randy spears Cream pie (Cumdripper’s 4) shot by vince vouyer for RLD.

2.How long were you in the biz?  Why did you leave?  In 2006 i stopped performing full time and went to doing a few scenes here and there due to personal problems

3. Where did you go? I went home to my home town Huntington Beach and I married(Cassandra Cruz)

4. Are the rumors of alcohol & drug abuse true?  I began mild drug use in 2003 ie pot, and was introduced to meth by my x gilfriend Layla Rivera who was a daily user at the time. My drug use later got worse and by 2007 I was completely washed up in porn and in mixed martial arts and society. I became homeless and begged my wife to let me stay on her couch etc.. and stayed with friends. I was flat broke with no car no money nothing!!!


5.What measures did you take to overcome your problems? I went to rehab in 2008 after acting out several times and my wife Cassandra Cruz contacted “Intervention”. They sent me to the famous Pasadena Recovery Center home of celebrity rehab. I actually got Gary Busey’s room when he left the show. his name tag was still on the door. I was casted to be on the CELEBRITY SEX ADDICTION show with dr drew. Billy the kid Smith was my friend and was on the show as staff security and submitted my fight pictures and headshots to the producers of the show and they casted me immediately! when I got out of Pasadena Recovery center in March 2009 I had to report to hollywood to meet the doctor of the show to get my itinerary for shooting schedule and to do an on video test. When I showed up i looked nothing like I did in the photos Smith had submitted. They asked me to remove my shirt and I was FAT!!! to thier suprise. I had ballooned up to 274 pounds(i was 220 tan and lean in the photos) and I was all white and hairy. My new claim to fame was I could bench press 405 for ten reps.Nevertheless the producers were not impressed at all and dropped me form the show. My friend Razor Rob Mccullogh was casted on the show as well( HB friend of mine and Team Punishment ulumni) he looked like himself and was casted. In fact he was able to be a week late due to being married in Vegas. This bummed me out alot!!

6.Why did you decide to go back to fighting?  this motivated me to start running and training again(june 2009) and I lost tons of weight. I started training at Gokor’s MMA academy in North Hollywood and improved my grappling game alot! that and working the steps of AA helped my physical and spiritual wellness. by september 2009 i got down to 220 pounds and was lean again.

7. How do you feel about the shape you are in? I have had bouts of relapse on marijuana since the 2008 intervention show but have not done Meth since the day I di it for the producers of A&E (intervention). I currently am sober and free of all mind altering substances and I work a very solid AA program 1 day at a time. My last beer/bong rip was in may 2010 and I intend on absaining indefinately from here out.

8. How confident are you that you will win the match in August? I am confident I will win my fight against Dan Quinn because i am in the best shape of my life now. I am 100% sober. I used to believe pot did not affect me and beer was ok because its legal but they both contributed to my near demise.When I fought from 2003-2006 i was either high, had just been high, or i no showed. all of which are totally unacceptable! Now that I know im ready i will fight with confdence and Dan Quinn will get the TOP SHELF Aaron Brink.

9 Will you be coming back to porn also? I do perform in adult scenes still and will continue to persue work but I will do so with humilty. I live in san diego and commute to LA for work when it comes. I have asked Derek Hay of Direct Models to represent me as I was repped by him n the past and we are still talking. I like him alot and belive he has a very professsional outlook and manor. I am also repped in PR(mainsteam) by D D entertainment (demi delia). If I am repped in adult I want it 2 be derek or I will do it as a free agent. Im 5% bodyfat at 207 pounds at 6’3″ in other words im ripped. not to be concieted but I work very hard to compete in mma and the appearance is the reward for it. feel free to post my email for work as I am a free agent until or unless Direct picks me back up.

[email protected]

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