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Dick Pics Turned Into Funny Art

Dick Pics Turned Into Funny Art

Welcome to the world of online where every male with a smart phone has taken a picture of his pecker and there’s lots of peckers to be peeked. That’s right I’m talking about dick pics. After a survey announced that most women don’t like seeing your penis. Sigh, gasp I know *eye roll* comedian photographer Soraya Doolbaz decided to make them more female friendly with some added costumes. It’s the best thing since Vajazzling!

It’s hard not to love Doolbaz’s take on impromptu penis pics. I say that the best thing a man can do is probably not send a dick pick but if he does, it’s good to have some fun with it. Maybe Doolbaz has stumbled upon a new fashion trend!

If everybody is baring all for their camera phones why not add in some dick clothing. It’ll be great for extras in porn parodies and add a bit of surprise when the clothes come off. Then again dicks are probably the hardest thing to dress because everybody lies about their “measurements”.

Funny Dick Pics

Doolbaz had fun creating popular characters from dicks such as Waldo from Where’s Waldo. My favorites are the dick-tator dicks that she produced. She has Fidel Castro and Saddam Hussein featured. There’s a substantial gallery of over 317 dick pics (nearly one for every day of the year). Which is probably menial compared to the dick pic gallery on your smart phone.

Olympic Dick Pic

What’s your dick dressing up as this Halloween? Doolbaz plans on launching an app where you can upload photos of your dick and try on different outfits. A simplified version of the DictureGallery app is available online at her DictureGallery site. We couldn’t help but try it out for ourselves (again, we’ve got plenty of dicks to “play with” at

Porn Star Dicture

You can place a pair of glasses, a jacket and more on a penis of your choice. Yes, we did jazz this one up a little with the background because showmanship is everything! So the next time your pervy self sends a porn star a dick pic maybe you can get her to laugh and maybe stimulate her in new ways by adding some character. Be sure to check out the entire collection at DictureGallery

Have you been sent a funny dick pic or have sent one yourself? No, don’t send it to us! We see plenty of dicks as it is. But please share your stories in the comment or on Twitter @worldsbestporn and keep the conversation going.

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