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Did Kevin Kline Concoct FBI vs. Direct Models?

I had an interesting conversation this morning concerning agent Kevin Kline, formerly Derek Hay’s #2 at Direct Models, now the owner and operator of Type 9 Models. My source said Kevin made up the whole story concerning the FBI investigation as a way to pit Derek against Joel Lawrence (of Gold Star Modeling). He allegedly put the story in Joel’s ear to spread around town, and make it look like Joel made it up all along.

Allegedly, Kevin was using the whole ruse as a way of leaving town, while the “trouble” blew over, in addition to stirring up the agent community.

Was he trying to get work with Joel (a rumor we circulated a while back)? Was he trying to burn Derek? Was he trying to lay the foundations for his new agency?

Kevin Kline responds:

I think that if you ask around that you will find, I am not a gossip boat.
I talked to Joel about coming to Gold Star, and felt it was not the right move for me.
I went home for a month so I could review my thoughts on my life and not have out side interference with my thoughts.
I left Direct Models on good terms with Derek and Direct Models. He is the hardest working person I know!!!!
I started my own company because it felt like the right move for me.

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