Did you do No Nut November?

Well, lots of men do the no shave November, and what they get out of it? That’s right, just beards! Then there are those who took part in the No Nut November, and rumor has it that they may end up with fucking superpowers. I guess that leaves us at, did you do the No Fap November?

What is No Fap November?

For those who have no clue what we are talking about, allow me to put you up to speed. Well, at first, this might appear to you as an average, dumb internet challenge; you know, something bizarre and fleeting. On the contrary, No Nut November (abbreviated as NNN), is serious and different.

NNN challenges participants (just men it would seem), to last the whole month of November without masturbating. Men do so in the anticipation that they will get compensated with excess energy (that’s no longer wasted on sex). They hope that the energy will be relayed to other benefits. Some of those benefits include; physical health, mental clarity, and unsurmountable confidence around people they are into. I bet it is the same reasoning applied that players avoid sex or having an organism before a big game.

While some men just do it (abstain for a month-long period), the challenge has a blacker side and sometimes dangerous consequences that touch even those not participating. Nevertheless, the challenge has grown popular over the last few years, and somehow it got in the mainstream. On November 1st this year, Burger King tweeted referring to the challenge; “him: it’s only a month / waifu (slang for a female partner derived from anime and manga)……….. Crying emoji”. On one Reddit forum devoted to adults making attempts to relate with teenagers, a post with over 40k upvotes read, “Yep guys. Burger King just acknowledged No Nut November.”

No Nut November rules

NNN operates under pretty straightforward rules, the most crucial of them being not to crack your nuts in the entire month of November. According to a sub-Reddit, details of the NNN rules go in the lines of “ONE WET DREAM IS PERMITTED,” “NEBs (Non-ejaculatory masturbation) and pre-cum are permitted,” and “SEX INCLUDING BIRTHDAY SEX LEADS TO A STRAIGHT DISQUALIFICATION.” Besides, there is a three-strike forgiveness policy. There is also a post on the sub-Reddit providing useful guidance for those participating in the challenge. The advice given include; “DON’T. EDGE,” “Keep your bladder empty,” and “Don’t fucking be alone.” Can anyone survive the challenge?

No Nut November roll-call

On the sub-Reddit r/nonutnovember, a roll call of guys participating is done on regularly to identify the number of “soldiers” still standing strong. Nut chief, Nut daddy, will often post a link on the forum where guys can indicate whether they are up to the challenge. He goes ahead to encourage fellows with the countdown the d-day of releasing the “holy nut,” and also by reminding them of the Diamond NoNutter Flair in Reddit and/or Diamond NoNutter Role in Discord prize.

On one of his posts, he says, “Give it up for Day 29! 2 more days until we can all release that holy nut. The diamond badge awaits all of you so stay strong with your fellow soldiers towards that last final mission.”

“New Life November” challenge

While NNN isn’t associated with the popular NoFap group, the latter accommodates a comparable “New Life November” challenge. On their sub-Reddit group r/NoFap, they provision for participants to opt for their version “hard mode.” This one is a bit tricky since it involves putting on hold all sexual activities; porn, masturbation, sex, and basically anything leading to an orgasm. The minimum time for this one is a month, but if you can do more, the better.

Some users of NoFap®…have been discussing ‘No Nut November‘ and finding it to be a fun event that motivates them to reach their goals,” a NoFap representative explained

The ‘No Nut November’ phenomenon is pragmatically great for organizations in the porn recovery field, as it increases people’s awareness about how their sexual lifestyles might impact their daily lives. NoFap isn’t looking to ban or legislate pornography, but are looking to help raise awareness so that people can make an educated decision about their porn use,” he continued.

All 380k members of NoFap are certain or at least consider that men benefit a great deal from refraining from masturbation completely, not just fucking 30 days. In fact, many NoFappers are replying to bigger cultural disquiets like what is perceived as oversaturation of porn and addiction to dating apps.

Rebooting” is the term used to particularly refer to abstaining from masturbation and porn. NoFappers or Fapstronauts have for several years organized their rebooting challenge, and there is some kind of overlapping between participants in their challenges and the NNN. However, not all participants interpreted the rules with the same degree of severity. Some men just avoid porn and masturbating while they continue to fuck their partners. Some NoFap members affirm that this boosts the sex life. Those members appear to be more “hard-core” than the NNN participants since to them abstaining is a lifestyle, not just a mere cleanse. All in all, most NoFappers use this month to get on track.

We hope that the ‘No Nut November’ phenomenon further raises awareness about porn addiction,” the NoFap representative said. “We encourage people to sign up for apps and support communities such as NoFap, but also to consider speaking to a porn-literate mental healthcare professional.”


Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. Come next year, there will be another challenge and whether you participate or not is entirely a personal decision. Who knows you may end up being rewarded with the “superpowers”. However, if you ask me, the girls won’t start looking at you because they sense that you are not fapping, they will because you are not sitting in a fucking room jerking off.

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