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Did you miss Sophia? She tells us about her scene with Rodney Moore

by Sophia Moore from her site


Sophia writes- I don’t know about any other performer’s but acting in Porn always makes me nervous. I shot with Rodney Moore. The Porn story goes like this, I know talking about a scene is so Christian XXX and no I’m only ‘bi’ not gay. My friend Say’s a girl is considered ’bi’ if she goes down on a girl, but if a guy sucks one dick, he’s considered gay? I liked the scene I was in so I want to talk about it.

I’m Rodney’s long term girl friend; the scene begins with me walking in the house saying how tired my feet are then Rodney starts to worship my feet. Something that make’s me gag usually, but this guy was loving my feet and it was kinda hot. I’m still not into foot worshiping but o.k…. So any way I grab the key’s to my new Lexus slam my luggage in the trunk and start the car that has a push button ignition and it’s parked in front of his mansion. That car is supper cool.

Anyway he grabs the door and opens it and asks me; Where do you think your going? He grabs my arm and forces me to get out of the car. I’m leaving you! Why? You know why? Then I try to walk away but he grabs my arm again and tells me; “Where going to have sex one more time before you leave me.” So he led me to the back yard, were he dominated me into giving him head. Then we had hot, hot, hot, sex. He liked the sex so much that he didn’t open up for the sex, so the camera women said I can’t see anything. I said; “oh, he’s just having fun.”

I can’t complain but sometimes I still do… Life is good… When you make Porn… I don’t make a lot of porn but when I do I have to much fun….

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