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Digital Playground Contract Star Teagen Presley Says She Is Not Looking For Help On

My Teagan Presley profile.

Someone using Teagen’s picture posts to

My name is Amanda and im from florida. I work in the Adult Industry i make Adult films. Im not happy with my life im stuck in a situation i hate but cant get out of at this stage in my life. Im here maybe to vent alittle since i cant really do it anywhere else. I just hope people dont judge me on here like i am everywhere else.

She posts a picture of herself with a glass of whiskey and a baby carriage in the background.

Teagen posts: “Sorry Luke, I regret to inform you that the person posting on those forums is NOT me. They are just using a personal picture of me that I had placed on my Myspace page in early 2006. As people are able to tell from Wikapedia and other various websites that have posted my real name, my name is NOT Amanda. I’m very much active in the industry and ecstatic to continue to be. I think I’m the most excited about coming back to the business than I have ever been. I tried to email you directly Luke, but my computer was acting up and I wasn’t able to attain your email address. This was my only way of contacting you.”

“I was never leaving. I took a break for some months & now I’m coming back.”

“Sex toy manufacturer California Exotic Novelties has released a pussy and ass combination mold of me. I made the cast more than a year ago. It’s made of CalExotic’s soft and stretchy Futurotic Plus material. My pussy and ass mold has compartments for two multispeed bullet vibrators and is painted to resemble my anatomy as much as possible. I haven’t gotten one yet, but I want to get one. I want my husband to test it out and see if he likes it.”

Joe emails: “This girl who used Teagans photos (Tegan claims it’s a hoax) has made 7 post in 2 or 3 years. 5 or those posts were deleted by the poster or the moderators and only 2 are available for reading. The posts that can be read talk about dealing with the stigma of having done porn in a civilian job (There is a search all post function of the profile). Is clearly that the poster had no intention of leaving porn soon but was looking at her long term strategies after the industry.”

Tegan’s myspace page has cleaned up over the past few months.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Teagen at a porn event.

XPT thread. has a special forum for sex industry survivors.

One of the poster’s online friends has this profile:

I accepted the Lord as a young adult only to fall away about five years of walking with our Lord. I fell away as a result of following a wolf in sheep’s clothing-the pastor of a church I was attending (not a Calvary Chapel which I now attend). This “pastor” lead me into a life of sexual sin with himself and others.
This lead me into the dark world of “sex work”. I became an exotic dancer and a porn model. I was living a life of every imaginable sin for about six years. I became addicted to substances and the “high” of being constantly worshiped for my appearance. Little did I know that God still had His hand on my life!
I ended up marrying the manager of the strip club I was working for. It’s a very long story, but we ended up leaving “the industry” together and I came back to the Lord a few years later (with lots of baggage)!
My dear Hubby accepted the Lord about a year and a half ago (praise God!!!) and now we are learning how to walk with our Lord!

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