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Digital Playground Hacked

Here is the note from @Th3Consortium 

“You see for a while now we have had access to, one of the five biggest porn sites in the world.
But it doesn’t need any introduction from us.

This company has security, that if we didn’t know it was a real business, we would have thought to be a joke – a joke that we found much more amusing than they will.
“This site has so many freaking holes that if I didn’t know it was a porn site, I would have mistaken it for a honeypot” – [Redacted]

We did not set out to destroy them but they made it too enticing to resist. So now our humble crew leave lulz and mayhem in our path.
We not only have the 72k users of this site but also over 40k plaintext credit cards including ccvs, names and expiry dates.

If you want to hear more about those plaintext credit cards scroll through the MySql info further down. And of course as this is a porn site
there was no shortage of .mil and .gov emails in their user list.

We also went on and rooted four of their servers, as well as gaining access to their mail boxes. Using credentials from emails
we tapped into their conference call. “Is anyone besides David on the line ?” – We were. Did we win? Sure looks that way.

Digital Playground game over. ”

There are many more in depth stories out there on this topic here’s a couple –

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